The Creator Economy: Audience, Community, and Commerce

The Creator Economy: Audience, Community, and Commerce

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  1. This is such a great overview of the creator economy, and how it has shifted and consolidated over the years.

    I do find it interesting that some platforms pay creators for their contributions (and the creator funds you mention are even more direct outside of revenue sharing on ads, like say YouTube)… while other “social media platforms” expect people to create content for free.

    That doesn’t mean they don’t have value to a creator, in building up their own brand and say building an email list or other asset that is more in their control. But yeah, it’s an interesting time for creatives and creators!

    • You nailed it – if you’re going to use social platforms, use them for your own benefit, specifically driving traffic to your site and building your email list. You can tell by the buckets of cash platforms are throwing at creators that the balance of power is shifting with the advent of Web3. Lots of opportunities for us content entrepreneurs and creatives – such an exciting time!

  2. I think for many of us, it is relieving to know that the strategies we learned to engage our audience in the mid-2000’s, still hold true today. As you mentioned, it’s about giving our audience quality content, creating content they need.
    I love the outlook of the economy for creators- that we just need to keep engaging our audience and providing products and services they are looking for.
    I love that there is plenty of opportunity as creators to diversify and keep our audience connected to our offerings!

    • Right? Me too! And as you point out, the fundamentals are strong and, if anything, are even more essential today as Web3 provides more and more opportunities for creators and audiences to connect and commune. The old Copyblogger “know/like/trust” adage is crucial — be authentic, provide value, show up consistently, and stay focused on helping solve your audience’s pain points and challenges, and there are loads of new avenues – and revenue streams along with them – to explore.

  3. Thanks Trudy for a great overview of the current state of play. I wonder with the rapid growth on social media in particular Instagram and TikTok, when “nano” audiences are considers those with like than 20-50k followers. I am seeing more and more creators developing audiences this large in a matter of a few months. Crazy to think this could happen.

    Also I really appreciate your attempts to the remove the taboo notion around sponsored content. It certainly is and I believe will remain the dominant source of income for creators going forward. The sooner the stigma of an “ad” post is removed the better for the community.

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