Why Great Content Alone Isn’t Enough to Build an Audience

Why Great Content Alone Isn’t Enough to Build an Audience

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  1. “You might offer to guest post on their site. Or be a guest on their podcast. Or do a video interview, or a Facebook Live interview, or host a giveaway for their new book.”

    Or be the most awesome person in their Facebook community.

    I sold a class strictly through an Adwords community, and I found a client through a WordPress plugin community.

    Communities are hungry for content and connection. If you make yourself the coolest, most positive, most helpful person in a community you can earn your own subscribers and sales

  2. Great advice. I’ll admit that I don’t do as much as I should to promote my content. One “trick” is using social media highlight the people mentioned in your article.

  3. I always spend almost as much time distributing content as writing it. Some great ideas in this post. Thank you, Sonia!

  4. I find I share a lot of my content on Twitter…but then I get the greatest social shares on Facebook, because people who see it on Twitter just retweet it, whereas people actively use the Facebook share button on the actual post. So sometimes I feel like I’m just missing a point somewhere, especially when social media is only third in the list of where traffic comes from (organic search being top).

  5. Sonia,

    I especially appreciated your comment about Copyblogger readers NOT searching for the quick fix.

    Yep! We know it takes time AND consistently good content.

    Appreciate your time writing this article.

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