Authority Content: Build an Audience that Builds Your Business

Authority Content: Build an Audience that Builds Your Business

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  1. I am regularly creating high quality unique content on my blog. Some of them are ranking well also but not getting enough visitors on my blog. I think it is because the there are less people searching for that type content. So do i have to write only on those topics which are getting more searches and not on the topics that i am really passionate about. Please help me and express your views on this. Thanks in advance.

    • You’re writing about highly competitive search terms — in a competitive environment, you have to work harder to make sure the content is distinctive, has excellent headlines, etc.

      Looking at your site, the range of topics also seems really broad. If you can narrow your focus to a more defined topic, that should help. If your passion is gaming, as it says in your footer bio, focus on gaming. Also realize that a good gaming site will have a lot of personality — generic “info only” content will have a tough time competing.

      It does take considerable time to create authority in a topic, especially in the competitive terms.

    • Like Sonia said, narrow your focus. That focus should cover a topic you know well and you love, say gaming. But that’s not all.

      You then need to put your own spin on your content, what Joe Pulizi calls the content tilt:

      That will allow you to stand out and, ultimately, own the category. You already write good articles. Now they just need the “tilt,” that reason why people will read your articles and not someone else’s.

  2. Effective content is huge for a business. If you cannot create enough, the business will suffer. I liked the step by step process you outlined here. I think it is a great starting point for anyone just getting going.

  3. Demian, how amazingly nice of you to mention me here!! <3 What great company to be in. And coming from you! 🙂

    I remember sharing around links to Brian’s early Copyblogger stuff back in my Intuit days. It’s amazing how much Brian, you and the Copyblogger team have influenced the marketing world. True authorities like y’all have incredibly helpful ideas, share them and keep sharing them.

    • Joanna Weibe commented on my article? Almost as cool as getting Bob Bly to comment. 😀

  4. Hey Demian, this is really great series of articles…thus far! I’m coming at this thing a bit back-to-front in that I have been publishing an email newsletter (essentially a fortnightly blog) for about 10 months and I’m just about to launch my website (finally, this week!). As a thought leader’s practice, the ultimate aim is to build my authority and positioning platform with my content marketing strategy primarily targeting list building so I have permission to market to them.

    In particular, I was struck by the idea of the cornerstone content page that serves as my Resources page. As currently mocked up, it is a fairly bland page with “book”, “whitepapers”, and “brochures” headings on it. I see how it could be brought to life with more “category content” and interactive links to allow visitor to drill down and generally navigate the site.

    I also like the idea of consolidating a series of articles into a cornerstone content page (like an ebook, sort of) but I haven’t completely wrapped my mind around how that fits with my Resources page approach above. So, only mildly spinning out but perhaps its a one step at a time thing…

    Thanks again and eager to read the next article in the series tomorrow.

  5. Hi Demian,

    What are some ways to come up with Authority content that is unique? Any exercises you can share to help pinpoint some new, fresh, authoritative content for the solopreneur out there?



    • Hi Matt. Clearly you need to understand the market and dig until you uncover a unique angle. And be yourself. We want personality with our educational content. Otherwise we’d just read Wikipedia.

  6. Demian, thanks for summarizing exactly what Brian did! I’ve been trying to figure it out, and, although I think I did, your steps made it extremely clear! Easy to follow and encouraging. Also, thanks for giving some insight into the amazing Joanna Wiebe’s background. I love regularly diving in to her and her team’s “pool of awesomeness.”

  7. The moment I finished reading the part about creating an Authority content from the amalgamation of your articles – ideas are already shooting out from my brain like fireworks.

    I better get back to my workbook and change a couple of things before the light bulb dims.

    Great article Demian.

  8. Hi, Damian – I appreciate your busy writing legendary copy like this article. BUT I miss you over on Rough Draft. Please come back!

    Cheers Jenn

  9. Hi Demian, This is a power packed promotional idea. Will implement it soon with our blog series. Can see how the expertise is translated to audience with authoritative content.

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