5 Elements That Build a Roster of Terrific Freelance Writing Clients

5 Elements That Build a Roster of Terrific Freelance Writing Clients

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  1. Great article Sonia, but I was surprised that none of the aforementioned “story elements” mention anything about referral’s. I’ve been freelancing for 10+ years now and I wouldn’t be close to successful without great referrals. I realize this is somewhat different as it doesn’t speak to the specifics of copywriting, but nonetheless I think it’s a highly crucial aspect of attracting and building strong client relationships that last for years.

    As always, t’was a great article, thanks for sharing!

    • Telling the right story with your business is *crucial* to getting referrals, and I agree, referrals are gold for any freelancer.

      For people to refer you, they have to talk about you. So what do they say? Do they talk about your great writing chops, that you always meet your deadlines, and that you’re “not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for”? Or do they say something different?

      Thanks for connecting that, because making yourself someone clients will want to refer is very much a part of a healthy freelance business.

  2. As you say, professionalism is so important. From my own personal experiences, news travels first. If you reply quickly, meet deadlines and provide tidy copy then your client is likely to tell other and increase your chances of a referral.

    Great article, Sonia – as usual!

  3. Another one I’d like to add to the list is “availability”.

    Even if it’s just responding to emails quickly or having live chat on your site, I have personally found that by replying as quickly as possible, even at 11 pm at night, it can lead to new client wins and strong relationships.

    I know the danger of this is the expectation that you’re available 24/7, but so far haven’t run into an issue with that.

    • That’s a good one, Michael — for me it probably is an element of professionalism, but it’s such an important one. I don’t think most freelancers realize what it’s like to look for a freelancer. Responding to inquiries quickly is a serious competitive advantage.

  4. I have fallen in love with Copyblogger. I’m currently reading the ‘Content Marketing for Smart People’ ebook. You guys are awesome!

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