Content Marketing: A Modern Guide

Content Marketing: A Modern Guide

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  1. Hello Tim.

    In three words: YOU’VE NAILED IT

    Distribution of content: That portion of this mammoth but STRIKINGLY USEFUL article got my attention so much that I would like to reference it to my students at digital marketing.

    While your focus should be 40% on writing, 30% on distribution and 30% on monetization, email marketing plays very important role in automating your tasks of distribution.

    There are so many application such as mailchimp etc, let you do everything at one place. Email, Social Media, Feeds etc, all of these can be done using mailchimp.

    No matter how you do it, but that should be the part of your content plan. That’s important.

    Tim, what about any in-depth piece on writing a long form 2000 Words piece? I think many of us would like to learn from your style and process of writing this long article.

    Cheers, AH

  2. That is a very well written article also very long (had to take a break in reading).
    What is your take on paid blog posts and will the upcoming google implementations change anything?

  3. Thanks for the great tips! I especially love that you included tips about how to word your content, which is at least as important as what you say, but it tends to get left out in content marketing tips.

  4. Thanks so much for this article, Tim! I really needed an “all-in-one” resource article for ways to do content marketing, and this was perfect.

    Both vlogging and podcasting sound especially promising, though definitely a lot of work. Do you recommend doing both for optimal results, or is it better to focus on only one? (Esp. when starting out).

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