The Best of Copyblogger 2009

The Best of Copyblogger 2009

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  1. You know… when you post up great links like that, I get a little more narrow-eyed as I think hard on my battle strategies to steal your crown (and your blog). Hm hm… a formidable opponent indeed, I see…

    On a more serious note (what, that wasn’t serious?), s’been a blast working with you guys this year, and I’m looking forward to doing the same in 2010, with just as much eclectic content. (Oh, the topics I can think of NOW!)

  2. It has been a great year for Copyblogger, this list of blog posts looks wonderful, I’ll be re reading a few of them and bookmarking.

    Thanks for the great info!

    Have a wonderful New Year! Cheers to 2010!

    Arie Rich

  3. I hope that you do what I have in mind because it’ll validate my brain and prove I’m right. If–by chance–you DON’T announce what I have in mind, however, I’ll come knocking with the oh-so-obvious idea.

  4. Thank you Brian, Sonia, and gang (Sean, James, …) who wrote what I consider the best stuff on writing this year. Seriously.

    What I love most about Copyblogger is the voice. Like the Seth Godin on writing.

    This isn’t just a collection of the most definitive “3 steps to blah blah” or “Top 5 ways you’re yadda yadda” – it’s insightful and thoughtful views and opinions.

    Pointing out stuff that matters, cutting out what doesn’t.

    You’re intelligent and unique, you let yourselves shine through, and I want to know more of what YOU have to say, not just consume the latest article that promises me the “6 reasons I’m whatever.”

    I’ll stop now. I just wanted to thank you all for the insanely great free content. Inspiring, insightful, practical, entertaining.

    I don’t read many blogs, but Copyblogger is one I’ve returned to more and more. For the remarkable voice.

    2010 is going to rock even harder,

  5. Brian,

    Your selections for the “Best of Copyblogger for 2009” are great. While I was reading through the list I tried and tried to pick the one post I thought was the very best.

    A daunting task. I couldn’t decide.

    Duh, then it hit me. The reason I couldn’t select a single post as Number One. There is no Number One in my way of thinking.

    The reason I love Copyblogger isn’t about any of the single, totally relevant posts . . . it has to do with cumulative benefit I gleaned from all of the posts.

    In my view, significant learning is rooted in our own experiences over time and what we learn from the experience of others.

    You, Sonia and your team of guest bloggers have done a wonderful job in sharing your insights and experience with your readers.

    Thanks so much,
    Mike Wilke

  6. Great ideas and reminders, and such great WRITING! The artful way that fantastic content is presented is what makes Copyblogger a ‘keeper’ for me when so many blogs are competing for my limited time and attention. So thanks to all the bloggers for their attention to their craft. Looking forward to 2010!

  7. Thanks for compiling these best grabs! I am glad for the one who has written 10 Secrets to More Magnetic Copy because I really learned from it. Writing is really a combination of expertise, principles and the great fun involved which magnets all readers away. There are no goodbyes for me from learning with these 2009 treats.

  8. Wow, what a nice surprise to find this in my inbox today. For a new green-behind-the-cursor blogger, it was huge to get my first guest post accepted by Copyblogger late last summer, and then having my latest make your list is a huge feather in my hard drive.

    Thanks for all you do, the high bar you set, the community you create and the open forum you provide.

  9. Great blast from the past year including some I missed the first time around. Happy New Year and thanks for 2009 in review.

  10. Thanks for all the great posts from the last year! I look forward to reading your blog, because their is always information there that I can put to use. Thanks again, and God bless you all in 2010.

  11. Thanks for all the post links in one place. I have days of reading and have you bookmarked! Thanks for all the tips over the last year too.

  12. Those are really great links, thanks. Its amazing how many great posts are on this blog. Your team of writers is amazing. I’m sure you can do even better in 2010!

    By the way, I agree that Jon’s post was one of the posts of the year, but my personal favorite was when James revealed he was a she. I also really liked her post on staying on track.

  13. Wow, a lot of cool stuff. I’ve only read a few of those, I should catch up. I’ve been kind of losing ideas about posting… Maybe I should get a little more creative with blogging.

    Thanks so much!
    Kris Roxas

  14. I have read this blog many times but first time commenting here. Your Blog is really very informative. It is containing really very interesting stuff, writings are amazing. No doubt it is successful blog in 2009.
    I wish best luck to you for 2010. Hope you will rock this year also. So keep it up… Keep blogging…. 🙂

  15. Oh, by the way, my favorite CopyBlogger content at all is Jon’s video on ProBlogger: Speech Recognition Software: The Ultimate Guide. You really should do videos; they’re more personal and interesting, and you have some VERY interesting people here on CopyBlogger!

  16. Everyone needs to go back and read The First Rules of Copybloggin every couple of months. It makes more and more sense as you climb the blogging ladder.

  17. I’m truly honored to have cracked the list. I love writing for Copyblogger even more than I love reading it!

    Thanks for an awesome 2009. I couldn’t be more excited about the change in digits.

  18. I think you made the right choices especially with the first. Sonia wrote a great post which gripped me from beginning to end (just like the film).
    Copyblogger wouldn’t be what it is without the great ideas and spin on subject matters that convey such passion and orginiality. Well done guys, look forward to reading more!

  19. I just found Copyblogger today and it looks interesting and fun. One request – how about you correct the spelling of dessert in your best of 2009 post? No sense in throwing out the dictionary with the fruitcake…

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