How Three Drag Queens in a Bus Lead to Better Blogging

How Three Drag Queens in a Bus Lead to Better Blogging

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  1. Just to get the premise of the story correct, the three characters were all gay or transsexual MEN — none of the three were women.

    Love that movie and love how you tied the “rules” of blogging to it.

    First rule of any writing: be sure to get the facts!

  2. I haven’t seen the movie either, but I did enjoy the metaphor. Be yourself. Pure and simple, throw yourself into your life/blog and just be yourself.

  3. haha, it is amazing where you can get inspiration and messages for blogging. Those are some good tips and lessons I never originally got out of the movie. Thanks for the lessons!

  4. I brilliant Aussie movie that showed a little bit extra about Australia to the world.

    And a great post about sharing that little bit extra with your visitors and readers.

    I am endevouring to become more personal by finding my voice, and then sharing more about ‘me’ and ‘my view’ and experience in the world.

    Fiona Fell
    The Profit Maximising Web Geek

  5. Loved the movie.

    Agreed that far too many people do things far too seriously. Even serious matters have a lighter side.

    Oh… and an important fact 😉 the bus certainly wasn’t purple, it was lilac 😀 Just in case anyone was wondering.

  6. James, thank you for being you! Great post with great relevance to our industry. Very inspiring tonight…much appreciated!

    Have fun!

  7. I have a friend who is a transsexual woman (biologically male, culturally female) and SHE would be appalled to be called a man. 😉

    Cute article!

  8. @James – It might be more interesting when things get switched around, but if The Crying Game taught us anything, it’s not always more fun


  9. Thanks James, great stuff. Priscilla is a wonderful film — laugh out loud comedy with genuine pathos. And some damn fine outfits.

    No boa constrictors around here. 🙂

  10. Like any new endeavour, be it blogging or heck life in general, it takes awhile to find your voice. Actually, it’s like being a singer. When I first started singing, I sang everything. My voice is NOT suited for everything! But as I tried out different songs, and different styles, I found the range and styles that suited me best. And when I sing those, heck I bring tears to my own eyes! But you have to experiment first. I started writing humourous antecdotes. Then I found people really responded to my more serious philosophical words of wisdom. I am pretty sure my true voice falls somewhere between those two extremes. Time will tell.

  11. I don’t have any boas…..yet…..but it’s so true that we need to start using our creativity and our brains to give information our own spin. You could think that everything has already been done, but that’s a negative attitude that give you the excuse to stop trying.

    In the end, if there were a set way for everyone to succeed, we’d all be billionaires, but even that wouldn’t work because money would, then, have no value.

    Find your own way and you’ll get there eventually even if you don’t get that instant satisfaction we all covet so much.

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