Use These 4 Copywriting Pillars to Craft Kickass Presentations

Use These 4 Copywriting Pillars to Craft Kickass Presentations

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  1. Hello Sonia,
    That is an interesting read. For me, any seminar or presentation more than 40mins is boring. I think it has been proved that no one can retain their concentration on a subject for more than an hour at a stretch.
    But those points are good to keep the audience engaged.

    • I think a lot of folks would agree with you on the timing. It does depend somewhat on the structure — movies last twice that long, and we like movies. πŸ™‚ But that’s a more advanced set of presentation skills, to create a multi-textured experience that helps the audience stay interested.

  2. I personally like it when the speaker at any event has done deep research as regards his or her audience. I also prefer short presentations that leave a whole lot of time for Q & A. This gives an opportunity for participants to ask personalized questions that the speaker can answer precisely with greater valuable and actionable tips.

  3. Hi Sonia,

    I have attended many seminars, meetups, and conferences, and there are always multiple speakers who talk. I find it fascinating when a speaker starts off on a lighter note. “Is auditorium hot?”, “Who doesn’t watch Netflix?”, “Any soccer player here?”

    People immediately start to think, respond, and observe.

    And, interestingly, this gives the speaker a room to settle in and get accepted. I learn a lot from these small things whether a speaker cracks a joke in the beginning, or the copywriter starts off the article with a story. It comes down to the captivity of attention.

    I enjoyed the blog post. Great work, Sonia!

  4. Hello Sonia,

    Great post. Presentation skills, in my experience, come from people who truly want to help. You hit the nail on the head when you said that your content should want to give someone skills that will get them that promotion.

    I think if the premise is to help someone else, the audience will engage and be interested because they will learn something of value. There are, however, people that are much better at writing then they are at speaking. I guess they will be called “ghost writers” πŸ™‚


  5. Completely agree with all 5 points. If you prepare a story and presentation will be simple message not about the product, but how to resolve the issue. It will be the best way to perfect speech. Before you prepare story you should know, who you will talk and what style you should chose. Thanks for the interesting article.

  6. Yesterday I saw ppt of an event in my company. Out of 5 people, only 1 included the call to action.

    And she included a thank you note from a “A” list person. Something which would make people sign up more.

    Great article, Sonia. Thank you.

  7. Hey Sonia,

    These are some excellent tips for making a nice presentation. For me, I always try to make my presentation interesting by including facts and works that will catch people’s attention.

    A presentation with a clear idea and not too long to make it boring is always great to look at.

    Thanks for sharing this article. I really liked reading this.
    Have a great day ahead.

  8. Awesome! I am a writer/marketer for industrial software. It can be tough getting past the mindset of the “15 new features….” lol. Thanks, great read.

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