3 Simple Keys to a Successful Video Strategy

3 Simple Keys to a Successful Video Strategy

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    • The written word certainly creates a different kind of connection. I will agree with you. I enjoy transcripts that are included with videos.

    • Michael: And some are audio listeners. 😉 You could speed up the voice(s) on several of the podcast apps, e.g., OverCast.

      Cheryl: With that said, I will look into the possibilties of creating more video content in the near future, so your post comes handy… 🙂

  1. I like the tips Cheryl. Good to see your son is off and running in the video creation game. Awesome for him. I create live videos on Facebook and Periscope daily. Love the vibe of doing this stuff in the moment, live, no scripting, because that is how my personality flows and that is also how I am becoming more of a natural on video. Gotta do it live to let the real you flow through your work. Fab advice here.


  2. Good tips for creating video, but as mentioned above by Michael, i would add:
    4. Create a transcript of the video.
    Not only is it quicker to find the info you want with a transcript (and better for search engine spiders), its also useful to visitors who cant play sound / wear headphones.

    It drives me nuts when i’m looking for something specific at work and the blog i land on turns out to be video only.

    • Very good point, Steve. To be honest, a transcript would be helpful for the creator as well. When you create so much content, it’s hard to remember all that you have already put together.

  3. Hello Cheryl,

    Great shout over here 🙂

    WOW! your son really nailed it, means at 7 who normally does that.

    Indeed video now days is more preferable than going through the long textual post for getting something fetch into our brains.
    This hybrid world loves to watch videos and surf through youtube for their related query.

    I always wanted to create a live videos for my product, but this feeling of fear, being in front of camera has always
    troubled me a lot. I can be creative with my words and every thing with all I got, but when it comes for making a live
    video or explaining my clients about my products through videos if get crashed over there

    I am practicing my self to present before the cameras, as I practiced daily for an hour delivering my stuff over through here.

    Thanks for the amazing tips.


  4. Shantanu, I love that you are practicing – and that you are creating videos. Make sure you hit record and watch them later. You will be amazed, and pleased, by how far you have come. Congratulations!

  5. Hey Cheryl!
    Love your tips about YouTube. I always use a script for creating video. It helps to stay on topic which in turn, keeps viewers more engaged.
    Many people tend to wait until they get all sorts of fancy video equipment, and as you pointed out, using a smartphone is really all you need.
    I am so glad you brought up the point about attracting the attention of your audience. Too often I see content creators just creating what is near and dear to them instead of finding out where the interests of their audience is. It makes a huge difference when you cater to your audience.
    Great tips and I thank you for sharing!

  6. Cheryl love the article. I spend at least 30 minutes a day on YouTube following ‘the gurus’ in my field. If I can get at least one idea a day ( and put it into action) the ROI is unbelievable. I have just now begun creating content, so your tips highly valuable;e. Thx.

    • Thanks, Keith! I love the system you have in place. And I think it’s smart that you put a focus on the action part. Good luck on creating the content that will be so valuable to you in the future.

  7. I have been banging the drum about video content for a little while now, because businesses (especially within the tourism industry) under-estimate its potential. They assume that you need to create high-end, professional TV quality video on platforms like YouTube. What you need is a good story that is going to catch people’s interest, be personal with your audience, be consistent with when you upload and optimise the videos for search. Great article!

  8. Great tips. Of course not for everything but video has definitely replaced written content when it comes to certain markets. Just finished watching some cooking shows on Youtube and their bits were just as professional as network TV. Just like to add that you can use annotations with Youtube videos to get the best of both worlds and helps a bit for SEO’ing videos.

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