20 Content Marketing Lessons from the Immortal Jimi Hendrix

20 Content Marketing Lessons from the Immortal Jimi Hendrix

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  1. Mark, I’m speechless, that was an incredible way to start this week which is so rife with uncertainty in the States. Perhaps one of the best if not the best ‘lessons’ I have ever experienced and I am Experienced as well as a Start Man. Thank you!!!

    • Very groovy, Bert. And awesome too that you’re “Experienced!”
      Yeah, as Jimi would have said, “I just came back from the storm.” I’m sitting here in NYC as we all try to recover from this disaster. I’m lucky but many more were not.

      That’s why I love music so much, man. It gets you through even the hard times.

      Very psyched you got the message.



    • Err um…yea that’s me, lol. I don’t know why I always take a glance down at the comments before reading the actual article. :/

  2. I love Jimi Hendrix!

    I agree with becoming the dream. Every day, in my mind, I go over my Oscar speech for the Best Original Screenplay. I imagine myself on the stage thanking everyone from the accountants (I have two accounting degrees so I need to give them a “shout out.”) to my mom who’s supported me and my dream in more ways than one.

    Thanks for this inspirational post on a Monday, especially after some of us are still cleaning up after Hurricane Sandy.

    • Right on, Amanda!

      There’s a fence I walk by every day over in Spanish Harlem, where I take my daughter to school. Behind it is a mural on an old crusty brick wall inscribed with that saying, ‘Become The Dream.” It has great power if you allow it into your soul. It’s my daily inspiration. Glad to bring you some today uring this difficult time.

      Didn’t have too much clean up here in Harlem but brought some supplies to a shelter yesterday so right there with you.

      Write that screenplay! I want to hear your acceptance speech.



    • Thanks, Jeremy.

      I always thought Jimi represented the perfect example of shining your own unique light and shattering all the false boundaries we create around our true potential.

      We live in a time where almost everyone has the tools to express themselves at their fingertips. But now you have to rise up through a lot of noise and do something remarkable if you want to be heard. Technology is amazing but the rules to becoming legendary at anything haven’t changed.

      Glad you dug it.



  3. I love reading, and I love listening to music. This post was kinda long piece of great music. One would like to experience a few more times. Great composition. Note a note to missed. Great Mark, Thanks for this treat!

    • Right on!

      Right there with you on both of those topics.
      I dig your interpretation of the piece, Alpesh.
      Very artful point of view.

      Yes, it reads even better if you listen through headphones ๐Ÿ™‚

      Glad you dug it!



  4. I love the concept of this message and the things it has to say. I believe that Jimi’s biggest marketing coup would have been to STAY ALIVE and be here to share these things with us himself. But, thank you for giving us at least the “feeling” of what that might been like. Great piece!

    • Right on, Kris!

      And I agree with you about Jimi’s biggest coup. But only inasmuch as we can only guess where he might have taken music and art as a whole. Even the borders we put around spirituality, had he lived. But I doubt he would have had much interest in the marketing part. He probably would have left that stuff to all those MBA “creatives” to figure out.

      If you look at who was lining up to want to work with Jimi before he passed, (Miles Davis, Gil Evans) the heaviest artists and composers of the day, it’s obvious his message transcended so many boundaries. Those musical icons recognized another of the immortal ilk and wanted to collaborate.

      I began this idea giving some factual details about Jimi that could be applied to any creative endeavor. But it only got interesting when I thought, ‘What would Jimi have to say about this time we live in?’ Then I decided to have a conversation with him instead and let him ‘speak’ and it sort of unfolded from there.

      Glad it gave you a bit of that “feeling.” That was my goal.



  5. Great post, man.

    I dig what Jimmy was saying.

    But, there was only one Jimmy.

    And, that’s what makes him even more special, ya dig?

    The Franchise Kingยฎ

  6. Mark, I waved my freak flag high when I read this post! Killer stuff man. Fantastic advice.

    I’m totally in tune with the vibe you’re laying down, especially with the subtle injection of Eastern philosophies and themes from such authors as Paulo Cohello and Echkart Tollle. Great stuff.

    In fact, I loved it so much I read the entire thing aloud on my daily podcast this morning. So if you’re interested in hearing a Canuck read these words… click on through: http://buff.ly/SPG122


    • Right on, Brian!

      Very cool that you liked it enough to want to make it a podcast. How could I resist hearing a Canuck read this post, eh? And yeah you are very astute in your reading of those background influences. All are present here in some subtle form.

      I will def check out your podcast.

      Glad you were in tune when you tuned in.



  7. Mark,

    I just dropped in today for the first time in a while to soak up as much copyblogger knowledge as possible, and was met with this blog post. So glad I stopped by. Not kidding, as cheesy as it is, it’s probably one of the best blog posts I’ve read in a long time. Thank you so much for expressing these seriously deep truths in such a fun way.

    • Very cool, Jonas.

      And just so you know, it’s never cheesy to be the recipient of such a compliment so no offense taken here ๐Ÿ™‚

      There’s certainly enough dry, analytical and well researched data out there to enhance your learning experience on any topic in the world. You could also eat healthier by chewing on some tasteless root too. Why not wrap some hopefully good inspirational material in a fun new package so people can soak it up with a smile?



  8. First thought when reading the title of this article… Ok, I’ll bite.

    First thought at the end of the article… I could print this off, follow it to a T, and make all of the changes I want to make in my life.

    Great article. A motivational reminder of the direction I need to be taking.

  9. A stunning tour de force! You seem to have captured the essense of this truly gifted and often misunderstood music pioneer. Why is it that our artists always have to go overseas to be appreciated? Hendrix is timeless. There will never be another like him. Excellent “interview.”

    • Russ,

      Couldn’t agree with you more about Jimi’s unique and iconic status. Maybe our artists have to go overseas to be recognized because in America we want everything to fit into those neat little boxes all polished and standard sized for mass consumption. It seems they celebrate and support artistic freedom a little more overseas. Many of the greatest jazz musicians live overseas because they’re treated like royalty there rather than the help over here.

      Glad you dug the vibe.



  10. A cool article. But “2. Create something that has never existed before” is not something that you necessarily need today (Although JH did create something new!). Being unique is probably more relevant here, which is very different form the above nr. 2. Trying to create something new is a very common obstacle to doing something truly great in my view.

    • So celebrating your uniqueness in whatever you do is the most important thing, as opposed to focusing on creating something that never existed before solely for the purpose of being a one of a kind and possibly ending up all alone. Is that you mean, Emil?

  11. Best thing I have read in a long while. Good job with the personafication and the lingo, too.

  12. This is the best article I’ve read in a long, long, long time man! You are a very inspiring writer. I will always love Jimi Hendrix – now, because of you – I love him even more! I am inspired – thanks so much!!

    Best to you,
    Darlene Tate

    • Darlene,

      Jimi has been an inspiration to me for much of my life and still inspires my music and my guitar playing. I’m glad that passion translated into words and has allowed this article to inspire you. I know writing it inspired me to do everything I could to do Jimi proud so I’m honored. That’s awesome!



    • What a Friggin’ outstanding piece. All the way from Jimi’s dialect to the probably-not-so-Jimi points on being co-creators of our own reality…or not. This is a keeper for sure. I could hear Purple Haze in my all around my brain Baaaby!


      • Very cool, MK!

        Yeah, I was hearing a lot of Are You Experienced all through my brain when I was writing it for sure.

        Glad you enjoyed it.



  13. Very inspirational post! I am a BIG Jimi fan and an internet marketer, so this is perfect for me! I’ve heard him in a few interviews and it seems very realistic as to what he would actually say. Good job!

    • Right on, Jon!

      Yeah, i’m big into both of these topics so I knew Jimi could throw a little voodoo into the content marketing mix.

      Glad you dug it.


  14. This is why I love coming to this blog, where else would I be able to read an article where someone had a pretend conversation with Jimi Hendrix where he talks about marketing tips? ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Yeah Dean, even Jimi was surprised to find out he was being interviewed for Copyblogger.

      I think he thought I said something like London Fogger. Like it was maybe some kind of new music magazine ๐Ÿ™‚



  15. I’m 20 now and started listening to Jimi about a year ago, have read a lot throughout the months and been inspired time after time,, but brother after reading this I almost feel like living Jimi Hendrix โ€œTunnel visionโ€ from now on! As from today 18 Nov 2012 I’m starting to climb that mountain and never looking back again!

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