3 Online Marketing Tips from a Traveling Entrepreneur

3 Online Marketing Tips from a Traveling Entrepreneur

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  1. Wow that sounds like a trip that I would love to take and a trip in my dreams! 🙂

    I have been myself to many places in the United States and actually been in Europe a few times.

    We can learn so many lessons from the outside world and apply them to marketing!

    Just as you were treated as a visitor among these places, could be a great example to treat our readers and the clients we have that way.

    Thanks for the exciting article!

    • Samuel, travel is a great teacher of lessons for life and business (besides being fun and exciting). I’ve learned more in the last 2 years traveling than I did in the previous 5!

  2. Interesting connection ideas, Betsy. Traveling is always very excited and help us receiving many knowledge. I myself like this idea the most: “Provide unexpected delights”. Yes, when we do online marketing, if you can provide people with useful things, you will receive their respect and you will be successful.

    Thank you for your great post!

    • Hi, MaLinda. We loved Siberia and hope to go back one day. My adventurous side says it would be better to do it in winter and experience the extremes, but I’m not sure she can overrule my comfortable side. 🙂

  3. Selling the end result, the benefit, instead of the product or service itself, is like…one of the most important thing to getting sales/customers/whatever. People often forget that one.

  4. What an inspiring post Betsy – I loved the line about the Kit Kat and the added service you received in Denmark that resulted in such a great experience. It’s as if Martin cut through everything that might separate you from fully understanding and enjoying his country – like a writer who strips away industry jargon to make his words accessible to everyman. John Carlton advises that every writer should take off someplace new once a month – you and your husband are taking this to a whole new level and it shows! Brilliant.

    • Thanks, Katherine. It has been pretty instructive for us to be the “newbies” in so many situations over the last few years. It makes the brain work in different ways, and this constant learning has has made us more observant of our surroundings. Yes, I think John Carlton has some good advice!

  5. I must say that this the greatest business read I had this year. I love how you correlated travel with business, Betsy. You’re a genius. I love the article and the information I got in here. I personally love “Provide Unexpected Delights”, the Copenhagen, Denmark trip. Going the extra mile for your clients will definitely grow your business way larger than life. It’s always the happy and satisfied customers that brings in more business potential to your business. I will definitely take note of these tips and would gladly share this to my colleagues. Now, I am more than excited to read more of your posts. You offer valuable and one-of-a-kind content.

  6. Who would’ve thought traveling could teach you something on business? I’m very happy to have stumbled upon your blog. It provides realistic tips for every marketer. I especially loved your experience with Martin. He is true epitome of a business man who aims to satisfy his market. Thank you for the advice and I’m looking forward to reading more posts.

  7. By realizing your core identity and thoughtfully cultivating a marketing campaign that speaks to your brand and keeps your mission fundamental to the message, you can achieve your goals and grow your business.Thanks for sharing these tips Betsy!

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