How to Become a Truly Great Copywriter

How to Become a Truly Great Copywriter

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  1. Hey Robert,

    Copywriting can be easy if you learn to analyze your audience and what they want. It’s all about providing the content people need.

    “Shut up and listen” I totally agree with your point. Whether it’s about creating a content for the product promotion or to start your writing career, you should listen, analyze and then start crafting.


  2. Great tips for writing a better content and I agree totally with your point to listen what your audience needs and tells. And of course product sellers know the product than you so it is advisable to discuss with the owners to gather lot of information.
    Thanks Micheal for the awesome tips.
    Peace \/

  3. This is sound advice. It encourages and inspires those just starting out like me.

    Great guns there James! Awesome article, wish you’d written it 5 years ago ?

    Anyways, I’m going to subscriber your newsletter to get future updates in my inbox 🙂

    Great work!

  4. Agreed with Michael’s point that word-count although important for other factors might not plays a big role in writing an effective copy.

    Write whatever is needed, not more and not less. It is this art that needs mastering. Thanks for a great article Robert, cheer.

  5. Robert, I loved this article. Short, precise and to the point.

    Like you say, to be a successful copywriter, you must be a good listener – it’s as simple as that.

  6. It’s a really good piece of advice.
    We have to publish content what our audience want and need.
    By the way, thanks for this short and informative article.

  7. Love the assembly metaphor for copywriting.

    Another benefit: if you’re having trouble with one section, say the call to action, concentrate on the bullet points, or the headline, or the testimonials.

    Brilliant piece, Robert. Thanks.

  8. “A story that enters the conversation an audience is already having…”

    That is so true. If you know your audience, and truly know their wants and needs, you can frame your copy as a natural segue to the solution to the problem they’re having.

    Great stuff… thank you.

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