The Goofus and Gallant Guide to Success on the Web

The Goofus and Gallant Guide to Success on the Web

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  1. Thank you Sonia. As a fellow nerdy kid, remember reading Highlights in the 1st grade and also glad to hear its still happening. I’ve learned to minimize my Goofus moments by chilling before posting -write. -marinate-proof-post. There’s nothing worse than reading knee jerk responses/replies/posts full of questionable spelling and word usage…not naming any names….

  2. Hey Sonia,

    There are both types of people around the web. Gallant and the Goofus but somehow they manage to survive because people need both of these.

    Though I am in the favor of the Gallant who knows the value of creativity, creditability, quality, reliability and more but still, many Goofus people are getting the benefits with their deceiving tricks.

    But if someone wants to build a rock solid business on this internet, he/she should follow the right path.


  3. I can honestly say, that I am dating myself , as I am old enough to remember the names of these characters. I am definitely a Gallant guy.

  4. Goofus and Gallantโ€”now that’s really using the Wayback Machine (and I’m talking the cartoon one, not the digital archive). Excellent examples Sonia; I loved “Gallant knows that exclamation points are like salt. Just a little. Maybe none.”

    But I must admit, I always envied what Goofus got away with, sometimes, the weaselly lout. Gallant is the shining role model (but did that kid ever play in the mud?).

  5. As you said we are all a mix of both. Sometimes I have to surpress my inner-goofus when it comes to editing and looking at traffic.

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