How to Discover Your Customers’ Favorite Social Media Platforms

How to Discover Your Customers’ Favorite Social Media Platforms

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  1. Hi, Beth.
    Great article on social media research. I’ve bookmarked it to refer back to again and again.

    I have a question. I’m a B2B copywriter, so I “hang out” a lot on LinkedIn. I may have missed this, but do you check out prospects’ profiles and websites to see what social media networks they promote? You know, the old “find us on X” and the share buttons on their site.

    Would that information be useful when doing research? That, of course, in addition to the research sites you mentioned.


    • It’s definitely a good way to have a look and see which networks people prioritise, the only downfall is you don’t know if the your actual ideal customer spends time on that site. For example, if you’re looking to connect with the CEO of a medical manufacturing company, they may have a Twitter account for the brand because they think ‘everyone has a Twitter account’, but the CEO doesn’t necessarily use it himself

  2. Great post. Some very interesting opportunities are presented. I agree 100% that trying to excel at all social platforms is impossible.

  3. Beth,

    Great article! I have noticed that different niches I’m involved in prefer different social media outlets. For example, the photography niche prefers Instagram, while video production is primarily on YouTube or Vimeo. Thanks for writing this article it really got my brain moving this morning.

  4. This was very helpful. I have experienced that feeling of being overwhelmed by social media possibilities and the self-proclaimed business gurus advising that we need to be on all of them. Who has time for that!? Thanks for this sensible, step-by-step approach.

    • Michele – I don’t have know how the folks who are active on *all* the social networking sites actually get anything done. As business owners and marketers, if we’re not in the position to pay someone to post and engage on our behalf, it’s just not feasible or practical!

  5. Great post. Really helpful. It also depends on your content marketing goals if you your primary purpose is branding then FB works but if you want to get more leads and clients then nothing ca beat Twitter & LinkedIn. Both are the best for your business but to make it happen you have devote your time on it. At-least 30 minutes to one hour a day.

    I also heard about Instagram which is going to be more popular day by day.

    • Hi, Gaurav –

      I don’t think we can make the blanket statement that Twitter and LinkedIn are ALWAYS best for lead generation….it totally depends on where your audience is. I have a friend who is killing it on Pinterest right now, and has more graphic design clients than she can handle because of what she’s doing on that platform. So you just never know – that’s why it’s always best to research it thoroughly.

  6. Very interesting strategies. I prefer going to a direct approach and do a survey. That has been the easiest and fastest way to get this kind of information.

  7. I had never thought of Buzzsumo as a social intelligence tool until right now. Duh ! Makes a whole lot of sense. And I totally agree when you say it is better to focus on the handful of platforms that DO work for you and your business unless of course you have a large team and each and every platform is working for you.

    Thanks Beth.

  8. Great post, specialy this part: “A tattoo artist creates a presence on Instagram because the primarily image-based platform is an ideal place to showcase his portfolio.”… If you ask me, will like to see the artist use other medias!

  9. That was surely a great post Beth. Thanks for sharing.

    I have one question as a content marketer i mainly depend on natural SEO and some what i make use Facebook. Can You suggest me some other platform which can give me some good reach?

    Thanks in advance. 🙂

    • Hi Tusher – that totally depends on the audience you’re trying to reach. I think the process I’ve talked about in this article is a good next step for you. Good luck!

  10. When you’re in the early stages of building your online community, as we are, promotional and marketing activities often are far too spontaneous and reactive. Thanks for the reminder of how important it is to create and stick with a tribe building strategy, and to get customer feedback… Now onto its implementation!

  11. For my clients facebook and twitter are best tools.

    As you mentain that we should contact interview and survay for better response.


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