12 Methods to Get from Blank Page to First Draft

12 Methods to Get from Blank Page to First Draft

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  1. “I don’t have an idea to write; I write to have an idea.” – probably the most inspiring words for a writer.
    Once I read somewhere “writing is like cleaning your place it seems daunting until you start, but once started it’s easy to finish.”

  2. As a writer & professional blogger, I love having a dependable routine to rely on. I always write at my desk, where I have notebooks, pens/pencils, highlighters, my paper files, and my computer. I have my writing routine written down where I can find it easily – first, brainstorming & research, then writing, then editing. All on different days, as you said.

    In my experience, feeling intimidated by a blank page is simply part of the process. Sometimes those moments really make me doubt my life choices but usually, they prompt me to simply put my head down and BEGIN.

    Thanks for a great article, Kelton Reid!

  3. It’s amazing how many of these strategies fall back on having the correct mindset and adequately preparing both your headspace and work space.

    Fantastic advice for a start up writer like myself. Just need to give the writing time the respect it deserves and approach it systematically.


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