How to Become Self-Employed: 5 Key Moves for New Freelancers

How to Become Self-Employed: 5 Key Moves for New Freelancers

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  1. What an article. It hits home a lot! Last year this time I resigned as marketing director at a company to start my own business too.

    Like you said the road is long, it’s not a sprint. I’m loving the journey and the process.

    Can’t think of anything more exciting than to wake up and work on my own business.

    Thanks so much for the article, great read!

    Keep up the good work!

    • So glad it hit home for you! And that you’re loving the journey and process 🙂 … it can be a battle sometimes, but you’re right — that feeling of waking up to work on your own business is unbeatable.

      Thank you so much for reading.

    • Thanks, Becca :). Writing the article ended up being a great way to reflect on how far I’ve come since those tentative first steps. Feels so long ago!

  2. I love your article Claire. The reason you gave for your second business failing is what I am afraid of at the moment. My personal mountain to climb! Thank you for sharing your wisdom.
    PS I also use kanban and have never been so productive in my life

    • Abby, thank you so much for your comment 🙂 Isn’t Kanban the absolute best!? ahh I love it.

      I wish you luck with climbing your mountain. One of the main things I started doing was leaning into the discomfort. If I felt myself putting it off, I would KNOW it was the right move and that I should just go for it. The fear ended up acting as a trigger that would push me to take the necessary action. The more you do the scary thing, the easier it gets!

      Happy holidays 🙂

  3. I’m awful for buying course after course, thinking each one is going to be The One that teaches me exactly what I need to know…when really? Actually DOING the work is more likely to teach me what will apply to MY goals. So I’m going to implement your just in time method! Thank you!

  4. Hey Claire!
    Thanks for such a nice post. I am also an introvert and always hated the idea of getting rejected while doing marketing. Guest blogging, as you mentioned, was really like a saviour for me in this case. Really appreciate your post. Thanks for the writing!

  5. Claire thank you so much for this post! It resonates a lot with me, specially the obsessively course buying in the hopes of learning something, instead of doing what you call self directed learning.

    I’m on the path of leaving my corporate job as well, and really liked your tips to do so.


  6. Claire,

    Your post will be reading material for the holidays! I will also mention it to my co-host of our podcast, Produktivitéet (made-up word in Swedish: productivity + tea).

    I will read your post on personal Kanban, as I am preparing to start with Claire’s Minimal Plan method, PROJO (project book and note book).

    I can relate to your course correction actions. I have learned from failed business projects, and I am now working on my fear of selling… I am a former purchaser. 😉

    All the Best,

    Martin Lindeskog

  7. Ever since I was in Uni, I’ve never thought I’ll be self-employed. I always wanted to work in the big firms and travel big. However, in my second year in the Uni, I was hooked with one of the businesses on the campus and have never looked back. I work as a writer now and have a few businesses I’m planning on starting soon. Thanks for bringing back the motivation, Claire.

  8. Claire,

    I loved your article and found it very insightful. I love the part about self awareness as a “superpower”. Also being a procrastinator I loved the concept of “just in time”.

    I found myself relating to many things with some of my past projects.

    I found myself rereading the entire article a few times and had to take notes the last time.

    My goal is to embrace the growth mindset this coming year!

  9. You touched on the right points about a self-employed journey! I appreciate your emphasis on self-awareness – the first pillar of Emotional Intelligence. It really works – I’m getting results as self-employed! Since mindfulness is the 1.2b dollar industry today growing up based on the issues – SOS (Shiny Object Syndrome), procrastination, imposter syndrome, distraction addiction, and so on – your write-up really bears huge importance. Thanks a lot, Claire.

  10. Claire, I really enjoyed your post. The reason you gave for your second business failing is exactly what I’m frightened about right now. My own particular mountain to scale! Thank you for sharing your experience.
    PS I use kanban as well and have never been more productive in my life.

    • Wow! I love to find fellow kanban-ers out in the wild. Thank you for saying hi and sharing your experience.

  11. Such a great post! I had a lot of those problems when I first started, but soon learned to just jump in and go full speed. I still don’t have really successful blogs, but am working on it. I think the points you made about just starting something is so important. We all get too intimidated that we won’t do it “right”…just do it and forget about “right.” There is no right way anyway! That’s what makes blog/business individual and unique is that they are done with the writers personal flair. Putting your own ideas and spin on your blog is what makes it good.

    • Thank you for reading, Tristram! And totally agree. Putting in the reps and remaining consistent seems to be the advice that works!

  12. This article relates to how I graduated as an accountant, but never practised the career for once.

    I became a blogger and also started freelancing as a technical SEO consultant, which I am using today as a source of livelihood.

    • I, too, have had many misdirects with my adult learning. This post only really covers post-2016 where I started to get it together 🙂

      Pre-2016 had me all over the place!

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