One Ridiculously Easy Blogging Ingredient that Satisfies Hungry Prospects

One Ridiculously Easy Blogging Ingredient that Satisfies Hungry Prospects

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  1. You know, I`ve understood recently that I get a lot of joyfulness while writing. This process is so incredible for me. Today I can say strongly I`d like to be a writer. In a past life, I was a teacher. This occupation is related to the writing. Both are the activities which create. So, your post is significant for me, thanks a lot. I`m happy I`ve got helpful tips here.:)

    • When you’re a writer, you know it, and it sounds like you know it, Sophia! I’m a natural born storyteller, and for some crazy reason I started to separate that from my content and writing became a chore. No fun! Hold on to that joyfulness! I’m a content writing coach, and I know that telling stories in content will bring you and your audience joy and make marketing effortless and fun!

  2. Excellent stuff, Stefanie.

    I especially love the visual you create with the heading, “spin your own content web”. I strive to include a link to my previous article, but I think you’ve illustrated a way to interlink content in a smarter way.

    Linking to both recent articles, cornerstone content, and landing pages ensures we create a stickier content web for our readers.


  3. Step #3 is where it is at. I have a tendency to want to hoard my information until the I feel like it would be the perfect time to write it down. Letting the process be fluid and alive is when I get the most inspired to be creative with my blog posts. It gives me the freedom to feel like making “mistakes” actually makes my blog better, because I know I can go back and edit my work. Each blog post feels like a bookmark in the filing cabinet that is my brain. 😛

    • It’s so easy to want to save ideas, Rika — and I think good ideas do need some “marinating” time — but I’m glad you notice the freedom that comes with a more fluid process. It helps your blog evolve and grow for sure. 🙂

  4. Hi Stefanie.

    Excellent advice.

    Sometimes we get so caught up in driving blog traffic by creating new content we forget all the evergreen content out there, on our blogs, already. Content readers can easily access if we share it through links in, via the awesome idea of internal linking.

    Talk about leveraging. Talk about enhancing the power of your blog posts.

    Timely post too, Stefanie; I linked in quite a bit via my latest blog post, while also linking out to a few top bloggers. Good way to drive traffic to old posts and to send folks to trusted resources….and of course, linking out to top blogs is a smart, easy way to build bonds with top shelf bloggers.

    Win-win-win, for you, your readers and for fellow bloggers.

    Link in. Link out.

    Thanks for sharing the rocking content, as always.


  5. And midway through reading this post, I stopped and added another link to my latest post! I was on the fence about it but you convinced me that I was right all along.

  6. Very well written, Stefanie. I wasn’t aware that we can link the old posts with the new one. In fact, I never thought of it. And, step 3, very good advice. That’s why I love copyblogger, each post comes with some electrolytes to charge my dead/unused brain cells : )

  7. There’s a lot of great advice here. But honestly, you can accomplish a lot of this effortlessly with storytelling in content marketing (which you have some excellent story-driven imagery in this post that made my Inner Storyteller smile!) 🙂

    Why does it have to be a lot of work?

    Stories have a way of spinning their own web without a ton of effort or planning in my experience as a writer and content marketing coach.

    For me, and a lot of people I know, storytelling takes care of step 1 and 2, and the links to previous or future stories don’t need to be planned out because they happen naturally.

    Stories always connect with other stories, past, present, and even future.

    You know how you’ll chat with a friend about one subject and get caught up in a haze of thrilling conversation?

    Next thing you know, it’s been four hours and you’re on a completely different subject. You can’t believe that much time has passed because you enjoyed sharing stories and talking!

    Think of the connections made between the different stories and subjects in that four hours (like links in a blog post) plus the connection with the person you spoke with for four hours is stronger too.

    That’s why storytelling in content marketing is soooo powerful and that’s why I am so passionate about helping people unleash their Inner Storytellers in content marketing!

    It makes marketing fun and a lot easier!

  8. Thank you for a great post. I then went to Cornerstone Content links and you helped me visualize what my website needs to look like vs. where it is now.
    Much appreciated.


  9. My business blog is now 5 years old Stefanie and over the years I’ve created a lot of posts and learned a lot along the way. My newer posts link back to relevant old posts and now I’m going through the older posts to check if the images are relevant and SEO optimized and yes, linking to newer posts that are relevant. Thank you for your tips.

  10. Hi, Stefanie!

    Your blog post reminded of bloggers who create amazing content, but I find their content a little congested with link-bombardment.

    I get it; they’re enthusiastic about the long-tail keywords.

    I always felt that it would have been better if a hyperlink won’t consist of 6 to 7 words. Instead, two or three words could have been fine. Copyblogger understands this way better than everyone.

    Secondly, I have seen bloggers who won’t link to other blogs. On the contrary, I learned from top blogs that we should link out to the top resources on the web as long as it helps the readers.

    Thank you so much for this blog post. Great piece of content.

  11. Internal links are often overlooked but there’s definitely a value to weaving together your related content – both for your users and for optimization. Thanks for sharing

  12. Most of the new bloggers have only one thing in mind – that is to get money out of blogging. But they only have little knowledge about SEO. Most especially on-page SEO. Internal linking plays a big role and reduce the bounce rate if your content is interesting and has high quality information.

    Thanks for reminding a lot of bloggers.

  13. Great post! It reminded me of when I was finishing up my website, and it suddenly dawned on me: “You know, you can link people to your online course AND your course FAQs right here on your own site!” Sort of a prophet-in-their-own-land kind of thing. We often look farther out, but forget about looking at home :-> Thanks so much for the reminder to use links wisely for OUR benefit.

  14. This is a really great post.

    As a starting blogger, I am on a spree to find blog articles which can teach me more and more on how to achieve the greatest results in the shortest time possible.

    This is one blog post that has guided me a lot on linking. Someone told me that links are the major currency on the internet.

    Thanks for the blog post. A lot of useful information in here.

  15. I’m finally practicing this in my new blog, and not sure why I didn’t do it sooner! Guess that light bulb didn’t go off until much later! Thanks for the reminder as to why it is so important to internally link to your own stuff. After all, it is your home and you want to usher people around to all the fine rooms, right? 😉

  16. Very helpful tips, Stefanie. I totally agree with pre-planning the internal links. We really have to be intentional with what we write so that it works together seamlessly.

    And yes to #3, one piece of content can spin off into another one or even several. it’s very helpful to have a place where you can just dump all these raw ideas. I have an Evernote full of stuff — really handy when I’m stuck. Will share this in my socials.

  17. Brilliant simplicity… Internal linking made easy! Very well done… and helpful! I especially enjoyed your view on updating old content. I find it jarring to be reading a blog article only to find it dated…

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