The ‘Pulp Fiction’ Technique for Engaging and Persuasive Content

The ‘Pulp Fiction’ Technique for Engaging and Persuasive Content

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  1. Brian–great post! I rarely read anything in its entirety these days and you had me for the entire piece. I’d love to learn more about your services…do you do any private consulting? Best wishes–Matthew

  2. Hey Brian,

    I was never aware of the loop, actually I was not aware of how to use it intentionally, although i may used it.

    By the way, I am impressed with your writing, I can’t go anywhere near your skills.

  3. It definitely worked on me! Well what can you expect when you use my favorite movie to lure me in. I probably would’ve read the whole thing regardless. But I did keep wondering throughout, “is he gonna get back to Pulp Fiction, or what?”

  4. I find Tarantino’s writing style fascinating, and I’m thinking here, in particular, of Inglourious Bastards, though Pulp Fiction is largely the gold standard in his collection. Fight Club, though not Tarantino, be it the novel or film, has the same effect on me. To do this in my own writing is something I strive for, but rarely produce. One day…

  5. Brian, can you give me an advice on you would use this technique in order to write a product description?
    I mean I could use an open loop for the intro into the product, but from there I don’t know where to go.

    I really have issues with the engagement on my pages, it’s about ~2 minutes per article, but the bounce rate is really high, anything that will improve my writing skills will help!

  6. You had me at Pulp Fiction (all-time fave movie, probably for most of us Gen-Xers), and I love how you opened the loop in the title. Makes me want to go write an engaging blog post AND enjoy a Royale with Cheese. Simultaneously, of course.

  7. Did you know that in researching the role of Vincent Vega, John Travolta got drunk on tequila and sat in a hit tub to mimic the effects of being on heroin? (at the advice of Tarantino) 🙂

  8. Brian,
    This post is brilliant! It’s got some great ideas and it makes me want to watch Pulp Fiction again (lol). I’m going to save this to refer back to and I love the idea of the “Opening loop”. Thanks for sharing this.

  9. This is great! I am a big proponent of great website copy and sadly this is where most people fail – horribly. This is a unique perspective I have not seen before…now to figure out how to apply it in real life! And I guess I need to go watch Pulp Fiction now! 🙂 Thanks so much!

  10. Great technique and demonstration of it! I read all the way to the end! Great addition to my content-writing toolbox. Thanks for a great post!

  11. Pulp Fiction is my all-time favorite movie and this piece of copy really did it justice!

    Another great piece, Brian. I really enjoyed reading it.

  12. Absolutely amazing! Lingering Open Loop… And here I thought LOL stood for lots of laughs. Whenever I text someone or post on Facebook, I’m going to use lingering open loop in place of lol. “Lingering Open Loop, Mom. That was a good one.”

    Seriously, Brian, a great and incredibly useful article.

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