Desperate Content Compels People to Click Away … Write Like This Instead

Desperate Content Compels People to Click Away … Write Like This Instead

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  1. So true. It’s easy to get distracted while writing and end up confusing the reader with conflicting info. When I outline my content I call my topic my “controlling idea” and everything in the post needs to support or build on that controlling idea.

  2. The most intriguing part of this article was,

    It’s not a matter of “too long”; it’s a matter of “too much”

    Many people focus on quantity of words instead of quality of content.

    If we can answer our readers search intent in a few short paragraphs, there is no need to write a long article about it.
    Jason Andrew

  3. What if your your post was comparing two different things such as Lucid Dreams vs. Astral Projection.?

    Could I write a post titled, “Are Lucid Dreams the same as Astral Projection?”

    Or would it be better to write two separate articles, and link them. Thank You for your advice.
    R.G. Ramsey

    • Comparing/contrasting lucid dreams and astral projection looks like one topic to me.

      However, I see the potential for three articles.

      1. A post about lucid dreams
      2. A post about astral projection
      3. A post comparing/contrasting lucid dreams and astral projection that links to both your main post about lucid dreams and your main post about astral projection

  4. Thanks for your informative article. I really liked the part where you mentioned – That’s a recipe for a high bounce rate because too many topics in one post appears desperate, as if this one article is your only chance to express your thoughts.

    It’s very true. It has been widely accepted in blogging circles that long-form articles rank higher in search results. So to take advantage, many bloggers write long articles covering too many topics in a single post. This causes confusion among readers that results in a higher bounce rate.

  5. Writing content is very difficult. It has to generate the eyeballs and then retain interest. It must promote sales without being too promotional – an extremely difficult balance to achieve. One post, one topic is certainly a good idea.

  6. Thanks for the great tips! I can totally relate to the problem of trying to write about too many things and losing my focus, so these are great reminders.

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