5 Practical Tips on the Craft of Copywriting

5 Practical Tips on the Craft of Copywriting

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  1. Great post! We all need to keep these tips in mind while writing. I fight hard against using the formal style I had to use in school. I’m successful sometimes more than others. Thank you for the great guidelines! This is definitely a process that I need to use every time I write!

    • You’re very welcome. And I totally get it when you talk about having “fight against” the formal style you learned at school. Always a struggle. : )

  2. I used to cringe if I’d begin sentences with “and” or “but.” My English teachers would have a fit if they knew I did it.

    But that’s the way people talk to each other, so I tend to write that way.

    And I’m OK with that.

  3. “Achieve clarity in your mind before you start writing.”


    Because we all know our writing gets better as we work through the piece.

    In fact, this is the exact point you make for Tip #1.

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