3 Reasons Why Writing Practice Leads to Multidimensional Content

3 Reasons Why Writing Practice Leads to Multidimensional Content

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  1. Great post…again! It was very interesting to see how you brought the writer, editor, and marketer into play. It is so true. I see it in my own life as well. Each area builds off the others in bringing your best to the market. I like that! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have written 1000 words or more daily either online or offline for many years. Thousands of guest posts, thousands of blog posts, and over 100,000 blog comments later, writing like the dickens formed the cornerstone of my current life, with me going from being an unemployed security guard to island hopping pro blogger. That should be a decent endorsement LOL.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


  3. I’d say this post pretty much covers it. This is how writing works, or at least how it’s supposed to work. I can’t help but think that people who believe writing is hard are mostly making it hard on themselves. And don’t worry, my little hand can go up in the air on that one too. Practice is also how we learn not to freak out about writing and even to enjoy it.

  4. In other words, live like an artist to catch more ideas, develop empathy to match those ideas to a reader’s needs, and build your editing muscles so the bridge between the two stays clear.

  5. Another great piece, Stephanie. To improve writing for marketing, it helps to get the artist in you to embrace formulas and templates. For a long time, the artist in me threw my beret across the coffee shop and stamped out my clove cigarettes at the idea of using either. But once you sell out (er… get smart) and adopt a few (Problem-Agitation-Solution is a fave), you can focus your creativity on fleshing out said formula. A huge timesaver, which allows you to work more effectively — and still have time and energy for the work that feeds the artist. And maybe even retrieve a beret or two….

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