The 7 Things Writers Need to Make a Living

The 7 Things Writers Need to Make a Living

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  1. I wonder how long I’d been writing before I learned these. I’m going to give my “amen corner” shout to discipline, because that’s the case in any venture where you are your own boss. Writing is only one example. But yep, gotta have it. It’s vital to think of yourself as a writer and read about writing and have writerly ideas and interact with other writers, but the oft-repeated “put your butt in the chair” advice is oft repeated for a reason.

  2. You start with love and then add the traits one by one till you become the top notch writer.

    Sonia, it is beautiful how you presented it. It paved the way for many writers. Some of us are guilty of doing mediocre work, others take charge and level up.

    Beautiful insight, stay Awesome.

  3. This is so true! All of these things are essential for becoming a great copywriter/freelancer/blogger.

    You find you’ll have a lot/all of these traits (e.g love for writing) if you are already a writer. We must do what we love, and do it well. 🙂


  4. “People don’t make a living writing. You should find something practical to do with your life.” I have heard this in more than just writing! I follow my passions regardless of what others think and it has done me well 🙂 Thanks for sharing Sonia!

  5. #2 has really changed my perspective on writing. I used to write for my own personal wants and desires. Now I really focus on what I can give the reader and if I can add good value for them. The responses are much better in doing so.

    • It’s that balance. You have to be happy with your own work — but when you’re asking other people to give you their time and attention, then you owe them some degree of quality and usefulness.

  6. Content Writing has evolve as one of the best way to generate income. As a writer one have to increase quality and many other skills to stay in the premium group of writer to get high pay. Thanks for sharing these useful tips to become a good writer.

  7. I wish I can absorb all the 7 things you’ve mention.
    And I will be a great writer like you. 🙂
    Thanks for this great post.

  8. I don’t remember how or when I found Copyblogger, but I have been addicted ever since. Somehow the content just seems to answer the issues that pop in my head. These articles hit the spot again!

  9. I am a psychologist but I find in writing a lot of similarity with my profession because we also need to love what we do and have a genuine attitude of service. Sometimes we can feel bad when one of our patients does not progress in their growth process; however, many of us do not stop studying to be better every day. I think that because of these similarities is that I love writing as much as being a psychologist.

  10. Fantastic article there, Sonia!

    I must say that I was hooked to this article right from the start. The reason: the very first line! I am a writer myself, and can honestly say that I have lost count of the number of times people have said the same thing “You should find something practical to do.” Practical or not, but with the advent of digital marketing, content writing has got a new spin to it.

    In addition to the insightful points you mentioned, I’d also like to add that simplicity is also an integral part of writing. As a writer, you need to ensure that your readers don’t feel detached while reading the piece. Whatever it is that you are trying to convey through your article, it should be simple to understand, irrespective of the ‘profile’ of the reader. Using analogies and illustrations are two great ways to make your article is more ‘reader-friendly’.

    Those were my two cents. Cheers!

  11. Hi Sonia,

    Great tips you presented us here. For example, you need to love what you do and have a passion for it, this is a driving force that pushes you forward whenever you’re feeling down. Discipline also plays a crucial part in that, although you love what you do, you also need to discipline yourself to be able to keep going when the road is tough. It takes discipline and determination to win the race, so-to-speak.

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