7 Unusual Progress Signs on the Path to a Breakthrough

7 Unusual Progress Signs on the Path to a Breakthrough

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  1. It’s good to know how things changed with time, at first your proposal was rejected but then they contacted you to write for them due to your good work somewhere else.

    You’re right about people not liking your work, it’s impossible to make everyone happy. No matter the niche or what you do, it will be people who don’t like your work.

    Past clients will never be a waste of time, it was work, money, experience and more content for your portfolio.

    Great content going straight to the point with simple examples.

  2. So true in every point! I recently spent a great deal of time and effort to sign a client who, in the end, decided he just wasn’t ready to move forward with his project.

    What feels like a slap sometimes, I have learned, is often a matter of timing somewhere. Learning to not take offense when things “go wrong” keeps you on track. And many times, in the end, what I think might be gone for good just turns up later. I move on to the next one in line and keep going!

    Great content! Thanks for sharing.

    • I love your attitude, Jane!

      Spending time and effort setting things up with a client who turns out not to be ready has happened to me too. That work has always ended up helping me in some way, though … it’s practice and laying the groundwork for a future project. 🙂

  3. Hey Stefanie!

    I love your article here. Basically, what you are saying here is that challenges and failures are what will propel you to success.

    When you are working hard and being very productive with your time and effort, you will get these “No’s” and you will get rejected, and get very uncomfortable, and these are all signs that you are moving forward.

    It’s better to experience these and know that you are actually taking action than being afraid of such things and handicap your possible success.

    Thank you for sharing these points!

    Best regards! 😀

  4. Absolutely a great article. Just feel like it’s 100% relevant to me.

    I work very hard and think success will come. When I’m failing, i think it was all for nothing. But instead, I learned. It was an experience. And I grow every day.

    Instead of feeling lost, I have to feel motivated to keep going and build useful, wonderful content and tools for everyone who gets better from it!

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great stuff Stefanie. Very much felt at home on “You turn down a client”. Frustrating clients can be a creative drain. It’s an uphill task to educate them on content strategy and goals. And at the end of the day turning down a frustrating client and putting the energy to market your wares is the best option. This is a tough act if you are a startup. Thank you for reiterating the point.

    • It’s definitely tough to get used to turning away a client — partly because it takes a lot of practice to swiftly determine if you’re dealing with standard service business issues or frustrations that are unnecessary and avoidable.

      When you are sure the frustrations are avoidable, then it’s easier to feel confident about moving on and focusing on working with a better match.

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