How Copywriters Can Leverage the Power of Feelgood Chemicals to Make More Sales

How Copywriters Can Leverage the Power of Feelgood Chemicals to Make More Sales

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  1. It’s interesting to read about the connection between feel good chemicals and conversational copywriting. I wonder how many people actually think about this when they are researching products to buy online. I think that most people don’t really realize why they buy something. They buy their object of desire on impulse without really realizing that they want to buy it because it will make them feel better.

    • Sheila, hi. That’s what lies at the heart of it. We often think our buying choices are purely rational, when in fact they’re not. Interesting and a little scary. : )

  2. I endlessly get fascinated with the world of copywriting. It seems to me there is no way to push if off if you’re an online marketer or a blogger.

    This is because we’re always aiming to get our audience to take action. Such as… getting them to go beyond our headlines to reading our post, clicking to sigup for our mails, getting them to share our content, and getting them to make purchases. All these require persuasions.

    Will I be right to say persuasion is a product of our ability to effectively appeal to the emotional side of our readers?

    • I would say it’s exactly as you say. Whether at work or at home, we are always seeking to persuade. And when we do it successfully, it’s because we have touched someone emotionally.

  3. Interesting and great article! Big opinions can cause a stir in readers and thus beget the results you mention, too much agitation. And all that heavy reaction ends up reaching back to the copywriter. So if writing creates a reciprocal process then I only want nice and simple. 🙂

  4. Unconscious Branding is a fantastic read. I’m glad this article mentions it! Understanding how human instinct overrides consumer instinct has changed my entire approach to copywriting and marketing.

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