5 Things Successful Content Marketers Do to Make Sure Their Work Gets Read

5 Things Successful Content Marketers Do to Make Sure Their Work Gets Read

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  1. Thank you, Austin. Some good strategies for me to adopt here, though it is interesting that there was no mention of SEO. I guess that is part of the “if you build it, they will come” strategy!

    I’m pretty much relying on that and building my content about being a cartoonist gardener in New Zealand, but now I’ll have to have another look at that!

    Maybe after this month – I’m having a social media-free February.

    • Hey Alex, while we didn’t use the broad term SEO specifically, there were several important organic search factors included in this approach.

      I tend to think of SEO as having three components: on-page, technical, and offsite (which is mostly link building).

      With that in mind, you can see how this post relates to SEO:

      * Building links to core content from outside sites is undoubtedly the most important off-site optimization factor there is

      * Open graph settings are often pulled directly from your meta titles and descriptions (on-page optimization tasks), and

      * Internal linking is a big part of site architecture (technical optimization)

      I think it all comes back to beginning with your promotion in mind, and doing the research necessary to know whether you have a realistic shot at ranking for search terms related to the content you want to create, given the authority of the domain it’s being published on and your ability to generate links.

      Good luck as you continue to grow your site!

  2. Great post, Austin! I haven’t read Breakthrough Advertising — I loved those stages of awareness.

    It’s always good to meet fellow guest posting enthusiasts. It really is the best strategy!

    • Thanks Claire! I’m absolutely obsessed with using the stages of awareness when planning marketing activities – I even match search terms to them!

      The nice thing about guest posting is that it’s such a straightforward value exchange. Both sides truly do stand to benefit if the content created is high-quality and a good fit for the audience.

  3. Totally love this. See this is what I struggle with. I write what I think is amazing content but I’m just not that confident getting it out there. I’ve been building my email list actively this last month and it really works when you put the work in. I just wish I could clone myself then I could do it at lightning fast speed.

    I still can’t seem to get a nice rolling effect to my articles though. I guess it takes time.

  4. Something new I am trying is “video roundups” of content that is written. It’s a different approach to doing “best of” articles… let’s see how it will go!

    Great stuff otherwise.

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