The Secret to Relationship Building with Influencers (without the Awkward)

The Secret to Relationship Building with Influencers (without the Awkward)

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  1. Great! I’ve been looking forward to more on this topic.
    I write about pretty obscure, funky music so I don’t know who/how to ask bigger sites to share my content.

    • That’s always an interesting one — sometimes it helps to ask yourself who else has the audience for that kind of thing. And it may not be huge sites in terms of numbers compared with some, but the fans of obscure funky music tend to be insanely loyal.

  2. I think that it is all about being real – showing what you have to offer and what proof to back up your claim (number of subscribers, traffic and the like). What matters is to approach another person in the niche with the same amount of passion hoping that it connects both of you together. Eventually, you’ll help each other. But that is not the primary goal.

  3. Hi Sonia,

    Very level-headed observations, and advice, about behaving human around other humans. Suspect you’re a skillful and successful networker in your own right!

    Dug how you used your last paragraph to pimp Brian without being creepy about it.

    P,S, Thanks for turning me on to Gary Shteyngart

  4. Thanks for this great information. I agree that relationship is the key to just about everything. Whether I’m working with an author client or building my own blog, relationship is at the heart of it all.

  5. Thank you, Sonya. This is a great topic for me, a realistic reminder that building relationships online is no different than building them face to face. It takes time, deliberate practice, nurturing, common courtesy, etc. As a bonus, I now know how to properly use “‘squee” in a sentence. Cheers!

  6. In the German market it is really hard to build relationships with influencers because people are very biased and critical. Especially for SEOs it’s quite though, even if you are doing a great job and provide loads of added value! Hence, I deleted my current job positon on my XING profile. If influencers do not know I am an SEO, they more likely get in touch. Sad but true! :/

    • That’s the case not only in the German market… It’s frustrating that SEO specialists are ignored even when they actually bring value!

  7. Good reminder to include the smaller, niche sites when finding places to build relationships. Some of my most important relationships are from small, but very engaged communities.

  8. I absolutely agree about the importance of face-to-face, real-life connections. That’s one of the main reasons I love attending conferences where I can meet other bloggers, creative entrepreneurs and like-minded people. It’s much easier to exchange favors with people you’ve made a connection with in real life than it is to ask a stranger on the Internet for something.

  9. Really enjoyed reading this Sonia, I have learned so much from your post.

    When providing copy to bigger, external sites, it is so important to make sure it’s your best work and not rushed. First impressions are key when working with new sites.

    Also, like you say, learning from your ‘content crushes’ is so vital – their success is not by chance after all.

  10. Thanks for the great tips! As an SEO strategist, I could not agree more that link building is crucial, not only for your SEO strategy, but for building key relationships with influencers. I know it’s gotten me on the radar of more than a few professionals I admire.

  11. Great advice for me, because I’m hopeless at relationship building. And thank you for the link to Sktchy, I hadn’t heard of the site; just what I need.

  12. I’m an experienced travel blogger but entirely new in the community of investing and finance. It’s a slightly humbling experience networking again as a rookie but I’ve found many people in the community opened minded and generous with their time. I think you’re right about just being friendly, positive and authentic. Even on social media people can tell if you have an agenda. Just be yourself.

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