Why You Should Consider Scrapping This Unoriginal Type of Content

Why You Should Consider Scrapping This Unoriginal Type of Content

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  1. Great Article Loryn, Truly agree the writer and digital agency needs to break up with a mashup content creation which has no value to the reader.

    I am in favor of creating a useful content what has value for the human, not machine. what I believe is that, if human like your content… google algorithm will like it too.

    • That’s certainly the ideal situation, isn’t it?

      Whether Google is good at figuring out what kinds of content people like and find useful is a different topic altogether, but the bottom line is that your customer is a person, not an algorithm. Unless you’re one of those sites that profit from ad revenue, that is 😉

      Thanks for reading, Mohsin!

    • Lists are fine! Numbered lists are a staple for a reason.

      Just make sure the content is really worthwhile on its own merits. I took a look at your site and I think you’re creating work that will be meaningful for your audience, and that helps them solve problems that are important to them.

      Content creators can totally have our cake and eat it too — we can created numbered list posts that are genuinely valuable, so we get the benefit of the clickworthy headline, without the audience disappointment that comes from publishing work that lacks thought or care.

  2. I definitely share your frustration with SEO-optimised drivel that doesn’t answer a question. I can’t imagine what it’d take for the algorithm to reflect what humans actually value. I hope it gets there; I think the approach of “write for humans” (which I have) is based on faith that it will. Every one of my 2,000+ word articles is another instance of that hope.

    (I also came across your motorcycle blog in the wild just last week. I remembered the unusual name. Good luck with the project!)

  3. My website has been around for almost 25 years and the evolution of search engines and SEO strategy has changed drastically. Meeting my reader’s needs with engaging content has been a rewarding challenge. Thanks for the input, may the mashups die along with wordstuffing.

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