Stop Wondering About How to Respond to Criticism

Stop Wondering About How to Respond to Criticism

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  1. Superb post Stefanie, I believe most of us tend to get carried away by emotions while responding to negative comments. More often than not, there is a knee-jerk reaction.

    Everyone has the right to express themselves. It is important to stay cool and respond with logic rather than letting your emotions subdue your logical side.

    I liked your views on getting an opportunity out of negative comment. I will definitely use that on social channels.

  2. Fantastic post, thank you. And a great reminder not to let praise get the better of you.

    I wish I had read this before my first rejection sent me crying to the bathroom. (For a horse article, funnily enough. I guess the editor was a scuba diver).

  3. Nice post! Exactly how I struggle nowadays because I started to write my content on my website but I think I was hyper-creative! But I start over and don’t give up, focus on my target audience, their questions, and problems to solve their problems. So they can get solutions to their problems.

    Thank you for sharing your post because it relates to my current problem!

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Thanks for the great tips! It’s true that there will always be people who don’t like your content, no matter what. This is a great way to demonstrate the need to identify your target audience.

  5. I’m excited for when this is a problem I will end up having to go through. In the meantime, I will continue to make content until and long after I’ve had the opportunity to deal with these kinds of people.

    I love the point about turning it into a new content opportunity. If they can point out a flaw or a new viewpoint, it’s a great chance to spin up a new, potentially larger conversation between you and the audience.

  6. Forgetting about people who do not stick around is a valuable piece of advice because it moves the fear and associated sting of criticism out of your mind. Then you can simply help people who want what you have to offer versus trying to fight, debate or worry about people who do not want what you have to offer. It’s never personal. Critics simply project their fears on to you and it’s up to you to let them and their opinions go. What they say has everything to do with them and nothing to do with you because we see the world as we see ourselves.


  7. Once again, a great post. Thanks Stefanie.
    I thought I’d remember or recall all the hacks in the post if I remembered the term INTERESTED PROSPECTS.
    Now onwards, I’m always going to question myself as to whether my writing is going to create and serve ‘interested prospects’.

  8. I was once told that action causes reaction. Do and you will be judged. To not produce is to be stagnant. One must live even if it kills them. Experience colours the being. From birth we are criticized and hopefully we are able to move forward beyond and through the criticism to journey a broader road.

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