SEO for Content Writers, Simplified

SEO for Content Writers, Simplified

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  1. This is very helpful. Thanks. If you’re an artist/maker and your site is mostly a gallery of images and an about page, is alt text and descriptions on images the best place to add keywords?

    • Hey Jane. Sure, alt text to images is always a good idea but remember, that only counts in image search. I would give it a try and see if you get any traffic. But realistically, I wouldn’t expect much results from it. You’ll have to write content if you really want to be found.

  2. Find a niche and own it locally is great. Thanks for the article Tim.

    @Jane and other visual creatives.

    Our photography website had very little text and little to no traffic/rankings.
    The website really started getting quality traffic after adding lots and lots of written content.
    Big G image search is set up against content creators because they display large enough images so very few people will click through to your website.

    Written copy only shows up with a couple of sentences and you get lots more click-throughs. At least that’s our experience.

    Hope it helps.


  3. Great Tips Tim, Being an SEO Expert i would love to add some more information related to content and keywords density, yes you can write a content with 1.5 Keyword density which means you can use the keywords only thrice in content with synonyms. Content must be informative and unique with some visual informations.

  4. Hi Tim

    I think this is the easiest explanation of SEO I’ve ever come across and it’s really effective. Searching for low competition on Semrush or Keyword planner with respect to one’s keyword and working to rank for it, I feel, works well.

  5. This is a great SEO simplified article that I will be referring back to often. I am still learning how to properly SEO my blog posts and this article really helps. Thanks.

  6. Hi Tim,
    This article has helped me a lot. As an amateur content writer and SEO expert, it has made me realize that you can always learn new things in SEO. Thanks again.

  7. Your so write (pardon the play on words), good articles are based on real intent and heading for the low hanging fruit is the best way to capture top rankings for keywords that actually will bring the best (not the most) traffic to your website.
    Do you use Surfer SEO or another tool other than Semrush when your constructing your articles, do you check Google Trends as well?

    Thanks again for the great article, I did submit my email to get your ebook

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