How to Love Rejection (No, Really)

How to Love Rejection (No, Really)

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  1. Such a great article!. I am learning that rejection isn’t an indication that I am going down the wrong path its just not a fit for the organization or the company. Rejection is also redirection that may send you down another path which benefits you more in the long run. Thick skin is the name of the game to be successful. The most successful people and companies have had their ideas rejected numerous times and they keep trying until they are successful.

  2. Great article. There is always a probability of success. So lets say you succeed every 10th time when you try, you need to try 1000 times to succeed 100 times.

  3. Rejection is the most common part of human life. I do not think that there is a man who have never faced rejection. Thanks for making it positive.

  4. While I find rejection hard to face, you are right that it may be an opportunity in disguise. You may find something better. It will drive you to try something new.

  5. Thanks for the great perspective! Accepting rejection is always hard, but It’s important to remember that each “no” gets you closer to your next “yes”.

  6. The more creative you are, naturally the more rejection you will get is an important realisation. You develop a bit of a thicker skin and then ultimately, get bored of the past like you said. Nice piece!

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