21 Juicy Prompts that Inspire Fascinating Content

21 Juicy Prompts that Inspire Fascinating Content

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  1. As an aspiring copywriter I find this information very helpful I am looking forward to read more of these. Thank you so much. Permission to share?

    • Henry, please feel free to enthusiastically share. : ) One thing that unites all content creators: the frustration with feeling stuck, unable to summon the whims of inspiration. Hopefully these tips help us get unstuck.

  2. Thanks, Sally, for all these insights and ideas on how to keep our creative kettles boiling. To change agents like you (and me), that’s what keeps the world going around!
    George Stenitzer

  3. Love, love, LOVE…#3…I feel as though passion is something that is seriously lacking in content marketing. People are afraid to show some real emotion behind their content. There is definitely room to express passion while not dividing or alienating your audience/target market. Great post!

    • I love that you love it, Vincent. After all, if we’re not passionate about our topics, eventually we have to ask ourselves… what’s the point of writing about it in the first place?

  4. Great article with new information instead of the same rehashed ideas. Thank you! By the way I’ve worked on some advertising campaigns for some of the brands you’ve worked with too. 🙂

    • Penny, thank you! Glad you found the ideas new rather than rehashed. (Since you’ve worked in advertising, you probably dislike rehashing as much as I do!)

  5. Seriously helpful tips here. #1 & 4 in particular – how often do we set out to write blog posts and look for the perfect angle or visual first? Good reminders to lay the groundwork, then expand/embellish. Thanks for sharing!

    • Rachael, so glad this is something you can apply. When I was an advertising copywriter, I found myself saying to clients, “Our strategy is social media!” But no platform is a strategy. A strategy is a strategy. The platform is merely a delivery mechanism.

  6. Thank you Sally. I enjoyed reading this. I also looked at Fascination Advantage. Thank you again.

    I started to wonder whether there was a similar tool for assessing a company/band, rather than individuals. Any thoughts?

  7. Hey Sally, I’ve been writing and editing, doing radio and video for quite sometime and yet, I will refer to your article often. It’s a great checklist to stimulate the brain no matter if you’re a rookie or a veteran. Thanks a ton for sharing a great piece. – Tommy Z

    • Coolness, Tommy! Delighted to hear that this is useful for your work. Radio is an old love of mine… I happily wrote many, many radio commercials in my day. It’s not easy to develop that 60 seconds of creativity, right?

  8. #5 always works on me personally. Even if I wasn’t interested to start with. Honestly that awesome juice picture got me to click on this article and…well…now I crave juice as well 🙂 Great writing Sally!

  9. Thank you for the great article Sally. I hope we can read more from you in the future!

  10. Sally, a brilliant article. each 22 points were clear, precise and useful, well done for writing a great blog post, thoroughly enjoyed, impressed and sharing it with my little community as well.

    The advice like this is rare as most of the content on internet around this topic is watered-down and wishy-washy. For any blogger or writer, these points should be acting as the backbone of what they write and present to their audience. Thanks and cheers.

  11. Thanks for this awesome post Sally! Information + Insight is what I love. Being able to solve people’s problem and help them to achieve their goals – the best way to publish viral content that audience would share, love, remember and take action…

  12. Hey, These are some of really useful and fascinating content prompts. I especially like- asking for opinions, surprising with unexpected gift, asking provocative questions and the last bit not the least start with information, then add insight. It really got me stuck. Thanks for sharing the insights.

  13. What a fresh article Sally! Great insights, amazing writing. I’m going to now add your name to my list of thought leaders to follow 🙂 Could you also please share the link to your article in advertising age? Can’t find it.


  14. Just the breath of fresh air I needed, Sally.
    #19 – Describe something that fascinates you. I’m going to get right on that… Thank you!

    • Sometimes when writing, I feel the need to post on a “big” topic. But sometimes, the most fascinating pieces explore the small glimpses into everyday life.

  15. This is really what I need now as I am really out of idea for what to write for quite a period of time. Really thanks!

  16. Wonderful article Sally! I think you forgot to add “put captivating picture” in your list. I have to say that I also clicked on this due to the picture. Great article and thank you for sharing!

  17. This is very educational. I like how you have that reoccurring pattern of starting off with the basic idea and then growing to the more abstract one or the more complex ideas behind that one idea. What I try to do is have different categories that all relate to the one overall topic and explain those categories and how they relate back to the original topic. But i see how my method can be very inside-the-box.
    I’m slowly improving my knowledge through the informaiton on meramarketing.com but also through these blogs.
    Thank you!

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