Online Courses: 5 Steps to Mastering this Digital Education Powerhouse

Online Courses: 5 Steps to Mastering this Digital Education Powerhouse

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  1. Teaching a class with your freelance knowledge can indeed be a great way to add to your residual income, especially when clients are slower to pay. One of the biggest things to consider is if it will truly be helpful to your audience while figuring out what exactly you want to make your course about. The advice in this article was really helpful for anyone looking at setting up an online class. Thank you!

  2. Online education business is indeed growing and people have started choosing it as preferred way and the reasons are its availability, the money saved and the time saved. If you ask me, I would go for an online course, a course where if I have any doubt, I can reach out to someone but other than that, I can learn on my own with my own pace and time.

    Building such business is not easy either, there are many others out there who are hungry as you are for the customers/students/buyers. Online isn’t the cake walk either but well, it is always better.

  3. Hi Sonia,
    You have brought loads of valuable resources together for this post – thank you!
    One of the biggest mistakes people make when building an online course is not involving their customers in the building process.
    When doing the market research for a course it can be really valuable to gather a sample size of 5 to 10 and just take them out for a coffee or arrange a Skype, in addition to doing broader research on social media etc.
    Doing ‘deep’ with research you start to pull useful information such as really specific objections (price, time) and you can even take words they use and sprinkle them into your copy (are they using any jargon, or talking in a casual tone rather than professional?)
    This helps you to become more relatable.
    Then later you can take this small sample and ask them to beta test your course for mistakes and tweaks.
    Through allowing people to be actively involved with the making of your online course you have created something for your ideal customer and are much more likely to launch a successful course!
    Thanks so much Sonia,

  4. Online education is the need for this generation, and businesses need to be built around it. Establishing the successful online education business may take time, and need patience. Key to success will be content and creativity, and how quickly you can scale up.

  5. It was interesting for me to read these 5 steps of mastering digital educational powerhouse. All we know that there are various online educational resources that are engaged in facilitating students to enhance their knowledge , so you could easily avail information from many credible open source platforms. So I keep thinking that students studying is effective when the students are surrounded by digital educational resources.

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