How to Rock Your Readers Like a Hurricane

How to Rock Your Readers Like a Hurricane

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  1. These are great points. I like and see the loop method in almost everything.

    Ever watch the news?

    They really work at keeping your attention and use the loop method all the time. They run pre-show commercials and also mention a news story “coming up” throughout the newscast.

    When do you get to see this story?

    You have to wait until the end. Thank you TiVo!

  2. Perhaps this post will bring about the winds of change. If not, that’s okay…I’m still loving you.

    It’s great when you get all rock star, Brian. Plus, the post was helpful, too.

  3. While it may only be recognized by a particular audience, headlines like this catch one’s attention, and even get the mind singing…

    It’s early morning
    The sun comes out
    Last night was shaking
    And pretty loud

    Rock on!

  4. After Katrina the magnolias went into an immediate blooming season to push forth new life after the devastation and altered landscape left by the storm. Copy that encourages new life in others? Imperative action…yeah that could be copy like a hurricane.
    I guess leaving your competition in your wake like tumbled live oaks on uptown streets is going to set you apart from the crowd, ….just make sure you leave your audience with a clear idea of where the boat is and how to get on it…. 🙂
    All best, Jan
    How could I not comment on this one?

  5. This post is highly informative, as the Masked Millionaire says…Most of us know this stuff but the constant reminders are essential. We learn, but rarely do we put into practice the knowledge we have learnt.

    Many thanks for this fantastic post!
    Kind Regards,

    P.S. Web 2.0 is the age for tackling short attention spans!

  6. Brian,

    Great post. This is actually one of my favorite copyblogger posts of the past six months. And anything that references “Pulp Fiction” is automatically top-notch.

  7. Rock on. I’m going to forever associate my blog posts with the immortal words of Honeybunny. Great reminders of the need for effective, persuasive, knock-your-pants-off copy.

  8. “A strong, passionate close is a hallmark of persuasive writing.”

    I think this point may be the most overlooked one of many writers.

    I love the close–it really is where you slam home your message, for good or ill.

  9. Excellent post! The point that really stood out for me is simply being useful to your readers. I’m striving to give my readers solid, resourceful content. Thanks for the tips!

  10. Great post Brian, thanks.

    I love the reminder about closing the loop. Lots of great songs close the loop musically. I just listened to Van Halen’s “Right Now” which opens and ends with the same piano theme. A nice way to sandwich the driving rock in the middle. Very satisfying.

  11. I have to say, I read the 4 U’s (which honestly has been a great mystery to me – until now), and compared it against my latest headline which I *thought* would do well — it didn’t.


    Here it is: “Did cereal make me fat? You decide”
    1. It was not useful to anyone
    2. No urgency
    3. Not only was there nothing unique, but there was no benefit
    4. It was specific, but 1 out of 4 doesn’t cut it.

    Thank you. Revising my approach accordingly.

  12. Thanks!

    To improve your opening line skills, try reading the first lines of novels – out loud. It’s ok to be an eccentric author roaming around book stores on the weekend!

  13. Between the comments and your post, i think just exemplified your point. Is the “she” reference in the intro body a plant!?!? I foresee many backlinks regarding content strategy here 🙂 great stuff!

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