What Is a Content Marketer?

What Is a Content Marketer?

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  1. Hi Demian,

    You’re an absolute creator: Intelligently putting all these stuff together to make sense.

    Hope it’s not a crime to steal your unique approach?

    Anyway, the part that touches me most is “We must be one step ahead of our customers’ desires, and we achieve this by building an audience before creating a product”

    I unintentionally committed this error at the beginning of my blog.

    “Lack of knowledge makes one perish”.

    I’m so glad to be educated in detail about who a content marketer is. I’ve read dozens of articles on this, but could not figure out a substance.

    Thanks for the great work.


  2. Great article and keeps me kicking my own ass when trying to improve and still be unique. Alot of great tips in here and I have already learned so much today so ‘pure value’. I must say that I always loved Rich Schefren’s approach to writing which was to be ‘counter-intuitive’ as a way to kind of shock the reader into having a peep. Great stuff thanks a mil!


  3. This article is very inspiring and as someone who is just starting out in the realm of using the internet as a means to grow my business, I learned a lot. Thank you!

  4. Hi Demian,

    Content marketers definitely have to master many different areas of their craft… including understanding “what business they are ‘really’ in.”

    I really like that you brought the concept of leadership. I wrote about this topic recently on my blog and shared that leadership is a function of influence… and what is the goal of our content?

    It’s to influence someone to take some kind of action based upon our perceived and real competency.

    Understanding “what business you are ‘really’ in” means we have to understand the highly specific needs, problems, wants or desires of our our audience; understand who they specifically are and then communicate to them based on what they need.

    It’s not about what I want as the content creator. Part of competency is being relevant to the audience so that in any one piece of content 20% of the audience is saying to themselves “OMG, how did he/she know?”

    That’s a function of mastering our skills and leading the way; which means we have to be grounded in the details of our business and audience.

    Great post Demian!

    I appreciate your insights.

    ~ Don Purdum

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