How to Write a High-Value Lesson Plan that Makes Your Course Easy to Sell

How to Write a High-Value Lesson Plan that Makes Your Course Easy to Sell

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  1. Henneke, I love the truck analogy – business is surely booming for the online course industry. As someone who’s taken an online course, lesson #3 was the biggest thing for me. You don’t want to sign up for a class and be overwhelmed from the start.

    • Yep, I agree with you. Unfortunately, too often, courses fail at providing digestible chunks. I think course creators often fall in the trap of trying to show off all their expertise, leading to bad learning experiences.

  2. Didn’t really have my wheels going about creating a course for my followers till I read your story. What are your thoughts as they relate to mini-courses? For example, say someone is good at social media. So they create a marketing course for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest… etc. Should these be sold as separate courses or wait till you have the entire package deal put together?

  3. I wouldn’t wait. I like mini-courses on specific topics; and the principles as laid out here are exactly the same. I’ve also used these principles to write ebooks / Kindle books.

    Small courses can be a great way to practice your course-creating skills and to get your audience used to purchasing your products. Also, once people have experienced how beneficial your mini-courses are, they’re more likely to purchase a premium course later on.

  4. I planning to start Digital Marketing classes, and I have downloaded thousands of videos from Udemy but that doesn’t seems that much helpful. Your guide helped me a bit to build a strong and attractive course prospectus for the same.

  5. Encourage. Motivate. Inspire. Your article is very helpful, as always Henneke. But these three words sum it up for me. And your courses show very well how it’s done.

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