5 Easy Ways to Transform Your Website into a Standout Salesperson

5 Easy Ways to Transform Your Website into a Standout Salesperson

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  1. Great article, Claire.

    Free resources are always a great hack. Even though a lot of marketers use it, it works on me everytime 😀

    • Thanks so much for reading, Chris! And yes, I am a total sucker for the “free resources” section too. Such a great way to entice new visitors to stay engaged. They’re also easy pages to share and promote — which I love.

  2. Thank you for a very informative post, Claire;

    I have been considering mixing-in some new tactics for my website contact-us methods. Your idea of linking a landing page from our biography looks more impressive.
    What is a good place for questionnaires — Emails or Onsite?

    • Thanks for reading, Rodwell! As for your question — I’m going to be super annoying and say both.

      If it’s a “Contact Us” page that’s designed for people who want to hire you, then a short questionnaire/quiz onsite (before they hit submit) can be great for qualifying the lead. If they do submit their answers, I would then go on to ask them even more about they’re needs in some follow-up emails.

      Alternatively, if you have visitors who have opted-in to your email list from a lead magnet, or for your newsletter — I would use a survey of some sort in your initial email sequence to get more familiar with who they are.

      This is just my preference, and you can always play around with the process as you get feedback and can examine your results. Hope this helps!

  3. This was such a great read for me. I had never really thought about a Free Resources section for my website before. It’s genius!

    I’ll be adding it to my site asap. But before I do, I have a quick question. Would including links to other sites be a good idea? Or should I create my own version of certain free content to keep visitors on my own site?

    Looking forward to your advice on this. Thanks so much.

    • Hey Sergio! Thanks for reading and I’m glad you enjoyed the post 🙂

      I can’t take credit for the “Free Resources” idea! But I love it too.

      As for your question — the best content to share is definitely going to be your own. So I would always consider creating something super-specific and targeted for your prospects, first.

      But I do see the benefits in sharing some of your favorite resources from other great people a little further down the page if that’s something you want to do. It can be helpful for your visitors to see who you learn from and where you seek further knowledge. You just want to make sure that your #1 priority and focal point for that page is to showcase YOUR skills and expertise :).

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