How to Use Content Marketing to Develop Your Audience’s Stages of Awareness

How to Use Content Marketing to Develop Your Audience’s Stages of Awareness

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  1. Thanks for the great information! I couldn’t agree more that marketers need to know where their audience is in the buyer journey in order to convert them into customers.

  2. Thank you for this post! This paragraph cracked me up – “The exception is when you know that there’s a big, painful problem lurking like an iceberg right below the surface, and you aim to help keep people from smacking into it…”

    – because those of us who work in socially-conscious industries, whether it’s nonprofits fighting climate change or species extinction, energy efficiency, solar energy, organic food, natural health, vegan lifestyle, eco-friendly products, etc. etc. have this added layer of complexity in that we need to teach the “non-believers/not-converted-yet” that these problems exist and they can address them with changes in their consumption habits.

    Sure, we can go after the already-converted, but that only helps the world a little bit. We need to convert the non-believers, and that’s challenging! But thank you for reminding us about segmenting our approach and message!

    • Excellent point — it’s a major issue.

      You might think about going for the equivalent of problem aware — folks who know that these issues are important, but they have no idea what to do about it. You take folks who are on your side, though weakly, and convince them to take helpful action, even if it’s small. A lot of political marketing takes place in this zone.

      But content is also excellent for those times when you do need to convey the problem to those who are completely unaware that there’s an issue. Documentaries play a huge role for that in the not-for-profit space, but of course there are many formats that work.

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