A ‘Big Blog’ Strategy Anyone Can Use for More (and Better) Traffic

A ‘Big Blog’ Strategy Anyone Can Use for More (and Better) Traffic

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  1. For me Sonia it is about making friends by sharing my blogging buddies’ content persistently. Doing so strengthens bonds, firms up our friendships, and I do not even ask these folks to share my stuff. Friends share friend’s content without even thinking about it. Automatic thing.

    Share other folk’s content generously and as you give freely, those social shares will flow back to you.


  2. I’ll have to say this is nice. What I took note of is the point of why people share. Because they want to feel smart. So write smart posts to get more shares.

  3. I love your post and it actually digs what is in my heart. It is at that time of evaluation and wondering what else can I do to improve my connection with the readers of my blog. I have grabbed something over here.
    I believe quality contribution aimed at solving a problem or informing readers is the key to everything and actually invites more shares.

  4. I was wondering, what share plugins for WordPress are good to use these days?

    One major variable, is what share plugins can fly under the radar of ad blockers, such as “uBlock Origin” and “AdBlockPlus”?

    These ad blockers are becoming more and more popular. To be honest, I think you’d be insane not to use them with all of the “malvertising” attacks and aggressive advertisements out there.

    In any event, my current “share” suite has been effectively blocked by ad blockers, lol, and I was wondering what everyone is using these days?

    I noticed that Copyblogger’s share icons are working fine, even as my browser is liberally strewn with ad blockers, hehe.

    Have an awesome day, I’m a huge fan of StudioPress and Copyblogger.

    Cordially and humbly yours…



    I will try out “Genesis Simple Share” later on to see if uBlock Origin allows it to pass.

    Thanks again for the cool content, and have a great day!

  5. I’d also add that it’s okay for content to not be useful if it’s entertaining! Sure, we all dream of building a list and getting stuff in front of raving fans…but it depends what you write about. I wrote a blog article about the ghosts of the Bank of England and Guillermo del Toro shared it on Twitter. It’s not useful (unless you’re into that kind of thing) but I like to think it’s interesting 🙂 And yeah, UX is absolutely crucial. I won’t share anything myself if I have to click through ads or 5 million popups to read the content, so why would I assume people would share mine if it looked awful?

  6. I find the more I read/watch/listen to influencers, the more I can tap into what they like to share with their audience. They give us a free ride right into their mind every single time they put out content and it’s so easy to learn what they love and how they share.

    I think taking a different approach and making content unique matters most, across the board. So often, bloggers just regurgitate the same tips found in three other articles without even trying to spin them into their own thoughts or adding anything unique.

    It’s not easy to create unique, amazing content, but when you do, people notice!

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