Polish Your Point of View with Synecdoche

Polish Your Point of View with Synecdoche

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  1. Hi there,

    Oh boy I have a lot to learn… today I just learned two new words synecdoche and metonymy – yikes! I do get the main point around word choice, I am in the process of reoptimizing some of my work and I am picking out new words. I also use the paid version of Grammarly which helps me out and often suggests alternatives.
    Thanks for the education – Nikki

  2. I learned a new word today, okay two. The first one I thought was pronounced differently when I first saw it.

    I have gone over old articles with the help of Prowritingaid and found many instances where a different word would have been better.

    Proof reading for blog posts is something I get lazy with at times.
    R.G. Ramsey

  3. Using these Synecdoches comes at the risk of having readers not understanding your meaning. Many people frequenting blogs don’t have English as their first languages and will be at a loss of what you mean

  4. Wow, thanks for that. Trying to regularly write posts for my website is really mentally draining. Not being a natural writer, has made doing this a dreaded task! I really like the Synecdoche description. It has given me the idea that I need to find and use these types of words “wheels, Hollywood etc” , to strengthen the readability of my posts!
    What a useful website.

  5. My best performing emails have come from simply talking in my own voice rather than sound professional and boring. Totally agree, business talk is out and natural voice is in.

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