3 Publishing Game Changers You Might Be Skipping

3 Publishing Game Changers You Might Be Skipping

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  1. Thanks for the post. I have been using Grammarly to edit all my posts. This article is an eye-opener for me. From now on I will do all my editing manually.

  2. Great article. I use Grammarly but as part of the overall editing process rather than as a replacement for it. I find the best way to edit is to put the writing aside for a while and come back to it with fresh eyes. I always see things I missed before.

  3. I’m loving what you wrote: “Lackluster content is the result of a lack of fun.” My focus in 2019 is showing B2B businesses how they can bring varying degrees of fun to their business, and this is one aspect.

  4. This is great! I generally separate my content creation into three different sessions: one for brainstorming content ideas, one for actually writing a post, and another for editing. During the editing session, I set aside a full block of time just to look for problems in the piece, add visuals & related links, fix grammar issues manually (and with Grammarly, let’s be honest), and shorten where possible. It definitely helps to separate each step so you’re in the right mindset when sitting down to work!

  5. Having my wife read the final draft is always worth it! She notices things that I want to say or am trying to say, but am failing to do so. She clears things up so well!

    I never regret asking her to proof-read the final drafts of my posts. a

  6. I love the idea of writing for one person. I actually write for one of my friends – she loves the kind of content I write and when I see things online that I think she’ll like, it gives me a good idea of the sorts of things I should write about. But because I love those things too, it means I get to enjoy writing the posts, so I guess I hit points 1 and 2!

  7. I agree about writing as if you were writing to a single person. I try to write my content as if I am talking to a good friend I have known forever. I feel that it helps me from getting brain freeze.

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