How to Stop Wishing You Had More Time to Write

How to Stop Wishing You Had More Time to Write

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  1. Loryn ,
    Loved your article! I’ve been procrastinating for such a long time, before starting my journey. You have definitely fueled the fire that I keep quenching, because I feel so unqualified. I really appreciate your knowledge and input, for those of us who need to grow. Thanks.

  2. Fantastic idea. This is very true. I try to begin my writing with my truest statement at the moment these days, a trick that I picked up from Mark Schaefer. However, even then, it can be challenging. So nice to have another tool in the arsenal.

  3. I know for a FACT that I’d get no more writing done if I had more time. Case in point; I’ve been on vacation from the day job for two weeks (I lecture at a college and the students are off) and I haven’t done any more writing than I would if I was at work. Weirdly, I get MORE done when I have MORE to fill my time.

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