Two Vital Elements that Might Be Missing from Your Content (and Precisely Where to Add Them)

Two Vital Elements that Might Be Missing from Your Content (and Precisely Where to Add Them)

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  1. I like this one, Kelly. Thanks for sharing. These two are really the keys to the kingdom for readable content. Always good to get a refresher here. – L

  2. Hooks are my favorite. I like to use stories if possible. Otherwise, it is a question or the P in the PAS copywriting formula. I am wired to use a story. I have also used a line or two from a movie (or a scene) or something from a song to get the point out there in an interesting way.

    Some really nice info here.

  3. I’m fairly new to the blogging world, although I’ve been a writer since I was a small child. (I cut my teeth on an antique non-electric typewriter!). I loved this article because it reminded me of some simple things. Write because you love to write, but write so you draw in your audience.
    Thank you!

  4. Thank you, Kelly for a helpful post…

    “A simple exercise I urge you to do regularly is: pay attention to the articles that you read all the way to the end and share.”

    In drawing classes, we did this by copying, or attempting to copy, the masters. Simple, yet challenging. I can see where learning to articulate what moved me to read to the end is a great practice to strengthen my writing.

    Vital and missing in your title along with the simple pain point of those darn 10 hours to write a post definitely are a solid hook that pulled me in to your post here. Followed by “Where things can go wrong for your idea.” Gotta know how to fix that.

    At times it is simply someone’s style of writing or ability to tell a story that is enough to keep me reading.

  5. Wow, Kelly! Really insightful. Thank you for sharing this. I’m not much of a writer. But loved this and will try to use these techniques.

  6. Hey Kelly, you are right here that if you miss these crucial elements from your content, then you will lose readers for sure. I like your hook technique here and it is very precise. If you are not able to hook your visitors then you are losing precious customers at your blog. These are really the kingdom of great content. Create stories and make your content more stronger 🙂

  7. I am not a writer but I try to write my own blogs from the learning I got by reading other blog in industry. I have noticed the some similar approach when reading their articles, This is great piece of information which will help me to write better content for my design blog.

  8. Thank you for the insightful post Kelly. I blog often for my job, and creating the hook is sometimes the easiest part, but sometimes it’s also the hardest part. I appreciate you sharing your hook techniques. I will be using all of them in the near future!

  9. Such a good article that makes you think about the basics of writing a narrative. Whether the idea or concept is a 4,000 page crime novel or a 1,000 word blog, the principles about generating real traction are the same.

    I particularly liked the notion of writing counter-intuitive content. It’s something I don’t often write about because I get caught up in the value of writing to an eager to learn audience. It’s a good path for sharing knowledge, but it can lack the hook-factor and virality.

    Looking forward to the next submission, Kelly!

  10. This is a very impressive article Kelly!

    Thanks for these techniques, they are very helpful and highly recommended to all the newbies and pro bloggers.

    I am most inspired by Dialogues & Thoughts. Actually, it is like icing on the cake. This is important and the most powerful tool of a good writer. Well said by a famous writer, Stephen King-, “What people say often conveys their character to others in ways of which they—the speakers—are completely unaware.”

  11. A lot of great info and advice that I can not only use for blogs but also to catch attention on landing pages. A lot of the same concepts apply. Keep it up Kelly, can’t wait to see what you share next.

  12. Stories are always good to engage the readers in a post…I tried this in my blog and results were tremendous.
    Thanks for sharing your Ideas with us.

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