If Content Is a Performance, Is It Ever Authentic?

If Content Is a Performance, Is It Ever Authentic?

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  1. What a neat question Stefanie. For me, feeling comfortable in my own skin helps me be authentic, attracting folks who dig my style. This is tribe building 101. Be you. Write your rump off. Network by serving others. Like-minded folks follow you. All happens seamlessly when you give your life to your craft.

  2. Great insights, Stefanie! I couldn’t agree with you more that every content creator should really rethink authenticity of content marketing performances, very well stated.

  3. Oh, I like this advice! It’s definitely a little more thoughtful than the “Be Authentic!” you see everywhere. Authenticity does mean different things at different times and places. I think that it’s more important to be appropriate to your audience. An authentic story to my best friend is not suitable for my mom. Haha!

  4. I’d never thought of it before, but reading this made me realize writers often develop a public persona just like someone who performs or speaks in public would. That persona isn’t necessarily who they are, so much as it is certain facets of them that they’ve deemed useful for this purpose.

    I’ve met and gotten to know people online who I met in person later, and they were almost always surprised at how my personality differed at first, because I’m much more reserved in person until I grow to be comfortable with you.

    Anyway! How much I reveal in my writing/blogging is dependent on the audience it’s meant for. Something for the professional blog will be more limited (and I’ll keep the swearing to a minimum), but something for a personal audience—well, most anything goes, as long as it’s relevant to the topic at hand.

    • Thanks for sharing, Catherine!

      I know what you mean … my writing is an authentic slice of my personality, but it’s not all of it. If you hear me speak on a podcast episode you get a different slice, and then of course more is revealed in person as well. 🙂

  5. Very well said, Stephanie. I agree that to be an effective marketer, one should have its own authenticity, and being able to love our craft and share it with others rather than our own. A natural and genuine communication with our audience also is the best way to get their attention and have a better content performance.

  6. I never used to put anything personal in my content, always thinking no one would care, or it wasn’t relevant. It’s only been since I’ve started adding (relevant) conversational asides that I’ve started getting much more engagement, with people tweeting me or sharing my content on social media. Sometimes we don’t like to share for fear of seeming less professional, but being human makes us more relatable…which is ultimately more important.

    • My first business website didn’t have a photo of me. I thought it was “not relevant” …

      Of course, I quickly learned that providing the right personal details online is the only way to show you’re a real person and have something to offer the audience you want to attract.

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