Are Content Creators Entrepreneurs?

Are Content Creators Entrepreneurs?

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  1. I have never even considered being an entrepreneur before, a small business owner yes, but never an entrepreneur. I have been blogging well over 10 years now and this has progressed to so much more than just content writing… which is exciting!

    So yes, I’d like to think of myself as an entrepreneur going foward!

    • I feel that first sentence. It will be a year next month for me in blogging and I’m still mastering the small business owner part.

  2. Yeah, I think the article provides a useful distinction between content creators and entrepreneurs. The three phases presented in the journey to becoming a content creator are insightful and may be useful for individuals who want to build a following. The advice to find one’s way and understand one’s audience is also valuable

  3. Thank you for your valuable information. In my opinion, content production is an entrepreneurship. They can do great audience management with the articles they write.

  4. Ceasing to compare is beyond important Stefanie. When I compare, I create less. When I do not, I create more. We all walk a different content creation and entrepreneur journey based on our mindset, talents and overall level of resistance to freedom combined with the desire to overcome the resistance. Yep; the balancing act feels intense sometimes because fear tugs as does a belief in self and abilities, in the opposite direction.


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