What Happens When Your Humanity Befriends Your Knowledge

What Happens When Your Humanity Befriends Your Knowledge

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  1. Wow! This is just superb. From the way you write to the organization, i’ve learned a lot Stefanie.
    I’m definitely going to try out the simple exercise you suggested. I think that will be very helpful too.

  2. Hey Stefanie!

    You are so right. We often go with the brands we actually like and not just because we know them. We can know all of the brands and service providers, but at the end of the day, we will go with the one we like.

    It is important to develop your own style and shine your own personality through your written words. This has a lot to do with self-confidence, I believe. If you are not self-confidence enough to not care what others think of you and your personal style of writing and skills, you might not have many truly like you in order to influence to achieve success through them.

    Thank you so much for sharing your tips here!

    Best regards! 😀

  3. This was a great thought-provoking post. I found it very enlightening to discern the difference between knowing and liking. Yes, it’s subtle, but there is a real difference. I can see how recognizing that difference can actually be very helpful in building relationship with your audience.

    I was also quite taken with “The intersection of your humanity and your knowledge makes you likable.” That is just powerfully true. Well said!

    Thanks for sharing yet another helpful look into writing effectively!

  4. That’s so true.

    It might be a big risk when you approaching a brand just because you like it, without even knowing the actual facts, experience, and potential.

    I have personally experienced big lose in my ventures just because I like something, without knowing.

    • A product I was considering buying recently had a lot of “like” factors for me, but at the last minute I decided to check out some reviews before making my purchase.

      There were a lot of negative comments and even one that said the website I was going to buy from had a history of not being secure. That was enough to stop me from getting the product — “like” was achieved, but not “trust.”

      “Know, like, and trust” are definitely interconnected.

  5. I love this idea! It’s a really good point that you can know brands, but you don’t necessarily like them. And once you hit ‘know’ and ‘like’ then ‘trust’ is sort of inevitable…

  6. Stephanie, what a gift you’ve just bestowed upon all who read this piece.

    So much sense within every sentence. I paused most thoughtfully.

    Ah writing. ‘Tis our own unique voice being heard, and a will to allow it to be written without being coy.

    Oh, and by the way, Bashful is always the one I leave out. Don’t know why, poor little fella.

  7. Awesome! Thanks Stephanie, this is a great read and a seriously good point. And I love Mike Skinner. Did you ever hear From the Edge of a Cliff?

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