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Blog Pimping
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  1. Thanks Sam! Of course, the chance of any corporate sales manager reading an article entitled “Blog Pimping” is slim to none. Just couldn’t help myself, though.

  2. How — or would you use blogs to help reach smaller local businesses? I’m looking for a marketing avenue and package to market copywriting services to local businesses?

    Or do you have a suggestion for tone and message?

    I generally work with larger SEM agencies, this is a new market, but there’s a real need there I’m interested in tapping. Thanks! Amy —

  3. Amy, I think you definitely can. Realtors have been the first to slowly adopt local blogging, and you can’t get any more local than real estate.

    The key for promoting your copywriting services is to find a local angle to blog about. You’ll need to educate your audience about your services while you are providing other value through content.

    Perhaps commentary on local business marketing news, with relevant suggestions for ways those businesses can improve ROI online?

    And there you will magically be to help them implement.

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