The Meticulous Writer’s 12-Step Blog Post Checklist

The Meticulous Writer’s 12-Step Blog Post Checklist

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  1. Good points, Stefanie!

    I’d add to this list:

    1. Prepare content upgrades — great for list building
    2. Prepare email and other promotional content (like social media content)
    3. Define where to promote the content

    They may be a bit more complicated than the points you suggest, but I think they matter a lot too.

  2. Thanks for this, Stefanie! #’s 4 and 6 resonate most with me. It can be a pain to realize your permalink is off then you have to decide whether to keep it as is or change it and potentially lose traffic opportunities. And number six has a lot to do with credibility.

  3. Stefanie,
    However simple the list may appear, its necessity can’t be underrated. Also, I think the on-page SEO requirements must be met. Perhaps, one should take care of the ‘category’ and ‘tags’ too.
    Thanks a lot.

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