Your Unique Story Proposition

Your Unique Story Proposition

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  1. Excellent advice, Brian. Several wiser people than me once told me that if you cannot sit down and write out even a rough 5-year business plan, your business probably will not succeed. That’s mainly because you have not set in your mind any real goals to work towards.

    But writing a business plan isn’t always an exciting prospect. In fact, some people find it downright frightening. Your exercise, however, makes it a lot more palatable.

  2. Sounds Good, i dont think if anything is possible without planning.

    Brian can you tell me how can i get RSS for my personal website.


  3. Great suggestions. I’m an artist currently working with the Small Business Development Corp on a marketing plan. Since I have a Business undergrad, I’ve known I should write it down. As an artist I know it doesn’t have to be lockstep with the models (always leave room for magic). Anyway, I had promised to post the Marketing Plan the SBDC shared at my blog and did so today. I also shared this posting, filed it to keep online and printed it out to remind myself where it is that *I* want to go and that the plan is really just an outline. You hit all 3 of my “gee, this is great stuff and I should keep it” files. Keep it up!
    Tammy Vitale,

  4. I agree with Tammy. This post is a keeper. I already started writing an informal advertorial for possible use on my newsletter services home page based on my blog writing style, as an experiment. I figured if i could just sit down and tell my story to a “friend” that it would sound more authentic and have greater impact. I have my sales letter list of key elements next to it, but I’m experimenting with making it more like a conversation over coffee with a friend about what i do. Don’t know if this makes sense, and i’m not finished yet, but you can sure see how your post resonates with me! Keep up the great writing, Brian. There aren’t very many people writing about the bridges between direct sales writing, online copy, and blogging, as far as I can find.

  5. Great exercise idea.

    There are some venture pros who prefer a two-page biz plan prior to a fully crafted plan. The sales letter idea could end up being something you DO share with others.

    Either way, it definitely fine tunes your thinking.

  6. I just started reading, and ther’s definatly alot of gems here..i’ve already linked this blog to my own website..for my own convinence..and for the benifit of my team of bloggers!

    Keep it up!

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