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The Killer and the Poet

Free Report: <br/>The Killer and the Poet

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  1. I just downloaded your pdf and read through it and it was great to see your thoughts on automation and AI. As a small business owner, I’ve been trying to implement automation and systems into anything that I perform “frequently enough” to save on time and resources, but I’ve often found a tradeoff between the creativity and genuineness that comes from a fully creative, human approach and the automated, systematic way. The way I’ve been handling things like reporting can absolutely be more mechanical-sounding and not be a turn-off, but when you try to run things like review campaigns, for example, due to the volume of people you often try to reach out to, you need a system, but to keep the conversion rate up you also need a decent amount of human touch. While I definitely see AI and automation continuing to replace/streamline a lot of day-to-day tasks, I totally agree that having a human alongside is really what will be the most effective and beneficial in the long run as technology advances.

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