Here’s How Jon Morrow Writes

Here’s How Jon Morrow Writes

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  1. Smart guy. Great writer. Good advice. Thanks for sharing! And yes, Jon, payroll is a pain, as are taxes. I feel you. Welcome (back) to America. 😉

  2. Wow, thanks for sharing Jon’s powerful story. His blog is incredibly useful and his writing rocks! (I used his flab cutting post to cut this comment in half). Bookmarked. Now editing my popular posts.

  3. During the past few months I had the privilege of being personally mentored by Jon. One of the best experiences ever. Jon’s brilliant. I think what I appreciate most about Jon is his honesty and ability to cut through the fluff and focus on what truly matters.

    Thanks, Demian, for doing this piece on Jon’s writing. It’s great.

  4. Biggest takeaway: “The most valuable things I could tell a beginning writer wouldn’t make any sense, because knowledge is viewed through the lens of experience. Without that experience, the knowledge is worthless.”

    This is a huge stumbling block for me that I’m just now learning to navigate. I need to start at the beginning, pure and simple. Jon and other more experienced writers can let me know where the tools are located and give me some pointers on how best to use those tools, but for me, the experience will be awkward, slow and difficult until I gain experience.

    Valuable post! Thanks so much!!

  5. Great article! Lots of good insight and wisdom from Jon there. Very smart, strategic, and practical advice for writers! My big takeaway: write every single day, period. Thank you.

  6. Hey Jon and Demian! Thanks for the inspirational posting. It’s interesting, I have used Dragon Naturally Speaking before but never had much luck with the earlier versions. Some I know have said the newer versions are much better. I hope so. Before I used to use it with my kids when we wanted to have a good laugh at what we would say but then what the software would dictate.

    Most people can talk much faster than type. For some it is easier to talk than to write. Whatever gets the ideas out. What I find interesting is my thought process is different when I write, I stumble upon different ideas. Maybe a different part of the brain?

    Always enjoy hearing about your journey Jon and love using Unpop!



  7. Thanks for allowing us insight into the mind of a genius. Too big word, genius? Ok, genie. What the genie does to lamps, Jon does to people – he sets them free.

    Much of ‘advice’ out there is like The Secret of Playing Tennis like Roger Federer, for carbon copies of Roger Federer (whom the advice-giver likely has never met).

    Jon’s genie is to speak to everyone – people who haven’t won a grand slam (yet) as well as champions.

    This Writer File lets me know more about the man I feel lucky to have stumbled upon on the internet. In part because everyone else inside Jon’s membership site and forums seems to feel the same. Which is great because I prefer and enjoy the company of lucky people over that of most others.

  8. Jon Morrow has been one of the most inspirational leader in my blogging career. For him I have learned many things about blogging. Yet it’s really a great pleasure to see him and knowing his strategies.

    Thanks a lot Demian Farnworth, for the great contribution.

  9. What an inspiration!

    It takes a ton of motivation and self-determination to succeed as Jon did.

    I chuckled a little when he said he’s been traveling so much that he doesn’t look for any new vacation spots. That’s inspiration right there!

    I find it amazing how he’s been able to write for such popular blogs. I know it must have been hard work to get on those.

    The amount of reading he does is definitely done another level than mine.

    This year, my goal is to do a lot more research through the more reading I need to do.

    Great post to learn from today.

    – Samuel

  10. Jon Morrow, I am new to this community but your writing is certainly going to make me a regular member.

    I often remain busy with projects but your writing was such an inspiration for me,

    I will certainly visit again , keep up the good work

  11. Jon – Thanks for sharing your story with the world. It’s incredibly inspiring.

    My favorite tip in this post is the reminder that it’s the little things that make writers (and anyone else) great.

  12. I’m a longtime fangirl of both Jon and Copyblogger. I’ve been in binge mode absorbing material in Authority [finally joined NYE] in preparation for starting Jon’s guest blogging class tomorrow.

    3 months of Jon’s tough love! Yep, it took me over 3 years to muster my courage. To quote Jon above, “Goodbye cruel world.” And hello to the professional life I deserve.

    Thank you for the metaphoric kick-in-the-pants.

  13. OMG

    Stephen King is one of my favourite authors!!! I look forward to reading 5-10 mins of Stephen King before I write each day.

    Thanks for the awesome hack!

    Can I also say that Jon Morrow is one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever spoken to and that I really really look forward to our next conversation!

    Oh and the Guest blogging course rocks!!! Check it out at

  14. I always enjoy articles like this that make me think. While there is no perfect blueprint to blogging success, posts like this nearly always open my mind to the endless possibilities and ways success can be obtained.

    Not necessarily related (but I guess it really is), can anyone offer a list or even a single blog that is beneficial to the reader and makes money that isn’t predicated on telling other people how to run a successful blog that makes money.

    I believe that there is definitely a place for blogs that help you run a successful blog, but would like to know of other blogs that are successful in their own right.

    Do you know of any success stories?


    Adventure Insider

  15. I kind of love this line: “Silence. Good writing has a rhythm. If I listen to music, it makes it harder for me to “hear” the words.”

    I thought I was the only writer in the world that hates listening to music. Every time I do, I find myself lost. I’ve never been able to articulate why. Now I can 🙂

    • Abbey, your comment made me pause and relook at Jon’s quote on music…I’ve always been one of those people who listens to music while they write, but it had to be instrumentals.

      You know, music without lyrics. If I recall, Brian Clark once said he also writes to instrumentals only.

      But Jon is so right about the rhythm of words that I’ve made a spontaneous decision to write primarily in silence for the next few months. Because I can recall when writing in silence made a positive difference in the result.

      I just needed this article to point it out. Thank you, Jon. Enlightening as always.

  16. Inspiring isn’t the word.

    Stephen King talks about those writer’s retreats you see in creative writing mags.

    You pay to go to a writer’s colony – set in idyllic woods – and spend the day scribbling away in your own little cabin.

    Every lunchtime, a waiter brings you a lunchbox – quietly setting it down outside so as not to disturb your creative flow.

    Most of us – especially me – are guilty of wanting to postpone writing until it’s quiet. Until the environment is perfect. Until the stars align.

    Jon’s determination (2,000 words a day 24/7/365) and the results he’s achieved sure put that the ‘wannabe’ stamp on that habit.

    Thanks Jon and Demian.

  17. So many take aways here, I don’t even know where to start. Jon Morrow is a tremendous inspiration to all of us. He’s style is so unique that he makes me cry when I go back and read my own stuff. I wish one day I can be like him. His writing is an example and all I can say is that he is a real role model to me. Thanks a lot Jon!

  18. I’ve been so curious about HOW Jon writes like he does. This post explains it all and motivates me even more.

    THE BEST PART: “The secret to being productive is finding metaphorical guns to put to your head.” LOVE THIS!

  19. I’ve been very blessed and fortuitous to have Jon as a coach. It is terrific to see some of his “back story.”

    Glad I could help with that payroll, Jon!

    Words from the wise master include:

    “Be totally awesome.”
    “Know your audience better than you know yourself.”
    “Write headlines and then write some more, and when you are done with that write a couple hundred more just for fun.”

    For me, its not everyday somebody asks you to step up like Jon does. He lives it. Authentic, powerful, inspirational.

    It has been a true honor to be one of his students.

  20. Jon Morrow, that’s what made me dive into this post and as usual I wasn’t disappointed. This is one of the best interviews that I have ever read.

    Marsha will spare you for sure Jon, she knows that we all need you 😉

  21. Jon is the most inspirational person. I don’t know how I found my way to his course but I call it my Harvard education.
    Love this interview.

  22. I don’t know how I found you Jon, but I’m bloomin’ glad I did. Cutting through the BS, transparency, not taking yourself too seriously – all things I greatly admire in you.
    Thank You Damien for writing this.

  23. He is an inspiration to all of us. I am not sure many know about the types of Muscular Dystrophy but having one can really change your life and it is amazing how he is doing what he doing.

  24. He had me at riding in the reader’s skin. Jon Morrow, for what it’s worth, you now reside inside my monkeysphere.

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